Creating Client Invoices with DVA Claim

The following information needs to be in Bp Allied for the client/claim before a DVA Claim can be made:
Click here to set up Bp Allied for Medicare Online Claiming. Additional setup for DVA Claiming can be found here.
Please Note - A Patient Claim, Bulk Bill or DVA Claim can ONLY be processed against a Client Invoice. They can not be processed against a Third Party Invoice.

Create an Invoice from the Appointment Book and Claim via DVA

From the Appointment Book
Right click on the client appointment to be invoiced
Select Create Invoice
Select Client as the Invoice Type to generate an invoice to bill a client directly
Click OK
If there is a Draft Invoice found for the current client then the following dialog will display
Click No
The Payment Processing dialog box will appear.
Click Yes or No accept payment
If Yes
The Payment Details screen will display.
Select DVA Allied Health Claim option from the drop down
Click Ok
The Claim Details dialog box will display.
Check the claim details
Click Lodge Claim
The Medicare Online result will display. This can also be viewed from the Medicare Claim History Report.
Click Ok
The Print Voucher option will display
Click Print to print the voucher
Click Preview to display the voucher
Click Save to save to the client's record
Click Print to Print it.
Close the Voucher (DO NOT MINIMISE IT)
The Invoicing screen will display including the Claim Status.
Note: AutoGenerate payment is no longer available
An Invoice can be printed, previewed via the Print button options or emailed from here. The Reprint Voucher button will only display for an Invoice that has had a Bulk Bill or DVA claim lodged.