How to Send Reminders

Reminders can be set up for a client in two ways:

To send a Reminder(s)

  1. From the left-hand menu pane open the Reminders module.
  2. In the Reminders tab, select the date to send the Reminders for from the calendar displayed.
  3. Reminders are usually sent one to two days prior to the appointment date.

    The reminders that need to be sent for the appointment date selected are displayed. The type of reminder to be sent is ticked.

  4. To send, click the ... send button to individually send a reminder. This ticks the SMS or Email Sent tickbox in the Appointment.
  5. OR

    Click Send All SMS to send all SMS reminders at once.

    And / Or

    Click Send All Emails to send all email reminders at once.

    A copy of the message sent is saved into the Contacts (Phone/Email/SMS) section of Client Details.

    Click here to see full details on the Reminders screen.