Appointment Book - Right-Hand Toolbar

The right-hand toolbar within the Appointment Book displays a series of pop-out screens designed to put information at your finger tips.

All of the pop-out lists can be setup to be permanently displayed. To do this click on the push-pin .

To change back to a pop-out list, click back on the push-pin

Any of these sections can be pinned to the bottom of the screen.

 Bp Allied V.7 - Masterclass - Waiting list which includes a section on pinning a panel to the bottom of the screen.




Tasks allow alerts to be set for yourself or other practitioners to ensure a certain task is performed by a due date or to track resources given to a client, whether it be certain documentation or equipment.


Displays a pop out list of Notes when clicked on.

Click here to see more information about Creating and Managing Notes.

Incoming Messages

This area captures replies to SMS reminders from Clients.

Visible Calendars

Displays a pop-out list of calendars available to be viewed in the Appointment Book.

Click here for information on how to get a calendar to display in this list.

Quick View

Displays a pop out list of today's appointments for the Practitioner logged in when clicked on.

  • This view excludes meetings and other practitioners appointments.
  • If a receptionist logs on, this view shows all appointments for all practitioners the receptionist has access to in chronological order

Online Bookings

Access any Online Bookings here.

Waiting List

Displays a pop-out list of clients waiting for an appointment.

Click here to see more information on Adding Clients to the Waiting List.