Known Issues

Detailed below are a list of known issues in Bp Allied.

Please also refer to the following sections that detail limitations related to some functions:




Issue #

Version Resolved in

Appointment book

Multiple practitioner emails are sent when cancelling an appointment.




Appointment book

Recurring meetings cannot have a Reminder set. This is due to how this function works and will not be resolved.



No plan to resolve at this time.

Appointment book

All day appointments set to display in the calendar header show in each calendar within a tabbed view. This does not occur if the all day appointment is displayed in the time cells.

Change the option in Options > Appointment Book to Show all day appointments in time cells.



Appointment book

Copying an appointment may not copy across reminder indicators into the copied appointment.

These will need to be manually added.


V7 SP1

Appointment book

Changing to Full Week View will stop the appointment icons from displaying on appointments in that view.

Use the Day or Week view.


V7 SP1 R1

Appointment book

Times are not displaying on an appointment or meeting when it does not fit into the time scale selected on calendar screen.

Hovering over meeting or appointment time will display the relevant start and end times.


V7 SP1 R1

Appointment book

Cancelled appointments display in the Client Management Report rather than the rebooked patient.

Rescheduling rather than cancelling and rebooking is an option. Otherwise, client information will need to be reviewed manually on screen via the Referral report.



Appointment book

Daily Appointment List prints duplicates of all recurring meetings and three times for recurring meetings that have had the particular occurrence change.



V7 SP1 R1

Appointment book

Saving of "page set-up" options for Print function on the Appointments toolbar not occurring.

Unfortunately there is no work around and this may not be able to be resolved.



Google Sync

Unable to connect due to a google security warning.

Please contact Allied Support so that they can help you with a work around to resolve this.



Google Sync

Awaiting for verification by Google as a safe application to sync to.

Use the options to continue past the Unsafe app message displayed.




If a new payment is added directly to an invoice for more that the amount of the invoice, the credit amount is not correctly assigned to the payment. This means that the overpayment is not automatically available for allocation to another payment.

Removing the invoice from the payment and re-adding it will fix up the allocation and allow the extra amount to be allocated to another invoice.


V7 SP1


Adding a new address to a third party creates a second address record. The old address will still display on an invoice.

Please contact Support to help resolve this.


V7 SP1 R1


Unable to find the resource at [https://....] means that the incorrect list has been chosen and that another List ID needs to be selected. The selected list may have been deleted.

Example error message:

Update the list ID and try to connect again.


V7 SP1 R1


Multi-item Bulk bill, DVA and Patient Claims – unable to resubmit multiple times. Resubmitting once is available.

Carefully review why the claim is not being processed. May require help from the Support team.


No plan to resolve at this time.


Provider Auth group information dropping when changing or adding Google sync information to a User.

Manually add provider information back in after save.


V7 SP1


If a Provider ID record that is associated to Medicare Online needs to be amended for some reason, e.g. data entry issue or put against the incorrect Auth Group, then this change will not be registered correctly with the claiming portal.

Mark the incorrect entry as “Inactive” and add a new line with the correct details.



Medical Objects

Functionality is currently unavailable.





Exports draft invoices by default. This means that they need to be edited in MYOB when they are paid.

Filter out the draft invoices using a custom filter. Please use the link or contact Support who can show you how to do this.


V7 SP1 R1


Turning on the 2002 permission "Save a copy of an invoice when printed" also turns off the access to "Allow Invoice Item Price editing." option in Invoice options.





Using the Set as Current Referral option in Edit Appointment resets all current referrals to the one selected even if "Allow Multiple Current Referrals" is selected.

Use the options in Client Details > Referrals to indicate which referrals are current.




Creating an invoice for an appointment with no referral displays the current referral in the Invoice template.

Please contact Bp Allied Support for an Invoice template that does not display referral information.


V7 SP1 R1


Country code can change unexpectedly preventing SMS messages to be sent.

Please contact Support to help resolve this.




Reminder merge fields do not merge when added into email reminder subject line.





Outstanding Balance Report - credit balances do not display if the Client has no prior invoices.

Create an invoice with a zero balance for the Client. The credit balance will display.



Secure Messaging

Saving a letter to the client record not working when using secure messaging.

The save functions have been reversed. Choosing save to the local computer will save the file to the Client Record.


V7 SP1

Secure Messaging Referral Net

Installing a Referral Net certificate does not display the status of "Installed" in the Options > Certificates tab after it has been installed. The certificate works correctly.





When a practice has multiple email templates, the default template is not being used to send messages. Instead the first template in the list is being used.

  • Review whether all email templates are required. Delete any that are not.
  • Turn off the scheduler and send emails in bulk via the Reminders screen.


Please contact Support as a new Scheduler update is available.


Not using the Clients preferred name if one is entered when sending an email

Turn off the scheduler and send emails in bulk via the Reminders screen.


Please contact Support as a new Scheduler update is available.

Start Up

Closing laptop with Bp Allied still running will cause corruption of the user.config file. On starting up Bp Allied next, the following error will display "Error sending to Raygun The type initializer for 'myPractice.UI.My.MyApplication' threw an exception.


Close the Bp Allied before closing the laptop lid to minimise the incidence of this occurring.

Contact the support team if the issue arises as they can resolve this issue easily.




New integrations are unavailable for all customers. Current customers with no new items should be able to continue to use this functionality.



V7 SP1


Page last updated: 18 May 2021