Create an Appointment

Watch a video on how to add an Appointment.

  1. With the Appointment Book open, r ight click and select New Appointment OR double click on the calendar, in the relevant spot.
  2. The Edit Appointment form will display. For full details on all of the fields in the Edit Appointment screen click here.
  3. By default a Client Appointment will be created.
  • To create a Meeting click here.
  • To create a Casual Appointment click here.

Client Name: Choose a Client from the .

To add a New Client while creating the appointment click here.

  Consultation Type: Select the appropriate Consultation Type for this appointment.

Referral: If a Client has a Current Referral, that referral will default into the appointment.

  • To select a different referral click on the drop-down arrow.
  • To remove that referral click on the X.
  • To add a new Referral click on the + and go here.
  • To add a referral after making the appointment click here (not recommended).

Date and time: This will default in if the Appointment date has already been selected in the calendar.

  • Choose the Start Time by clicking on the up and down arrows OR type the time into the field.
  • Follow the same steps above to update the End Time if required.

Practitioner: The Practitioner will default in from the calendar selected.

Location: This will default in from the Practitioners calendar.

Click here for details about Practitioner Availability.

Notes: Add any notes relating to the appointment in here.

Reminders: Tick the type of Reminder the client wishes to receive. 

Click here to see how to make the Reminder tick default in when creating a new appointment.

  1. Click OK to save your appointment.