You are accessing documentation for myPractice version 4. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will be discontinued on 01 February 2020.
Please contact our support team about upgrading to the latest version of BpAllied to enable this implementation.
Version 4

Get started with myPractice

Initial Setup during Installation
When myPractice is initially installed there is some information that is collected and options choosen. These are:
There is enough default information in myPractice at this point to allow you to "play" with it and carry out the following basic tasks. However, to be able to move on and carry out tasks such as invoicing some additional setup is required. The Initial Setup section covers how to get started with customising myPractice to you own requirements, for example adding products and services to enable the creation of an invoice. Most of the information included in the drop down lists can be customised to your needs.
Getting the 'feel' of myPractice
Tasks that can be carried out after the initial setup tasks have been carried out
Setting up myPractice - The Next Step
This first section covers those things that must be initally setup within myPractice. The section below covers other options that can be setup at a later date.
Additonal Tasks
After the Initial setup tasks have been carried out there are some additional tasks that can be
Setting up myPractice - Advanced Features
Once, you have purchased myPractice there are some other setup tasks that you may wish to carry out. Many of these use Options to customise myPractice.
Using Options to customise myPractice