What's new in Bp Premier


Release date: 24 January 2023.

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Add multiple observations

As of Orchid, you can add multiple sets of observations to a patient record in one day.

If a set of observations have already been added to a patient record on a single day and the Add button in the observations section is clicked again, you will have to option to edit the existing set of observations or create a new set.

Only one set of observations can be marked as the day's Primary observations. Only the primary observations for the day will save to Today's notes.

Adding observations via other clinical functions in Bp Premier (for example, adding a BMI via Clinical > BMI) will enter the observation into the primary set of observations for the day.

See See Add observations for more information. for more information.

Add medical exemptions for immunisations

Medical contraindications and natural immunities can now be uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register via Bp Premier using the Add medical exemptions screen.

To access the Add medical exemptions screen from the patient record, select View AIR in the immunisations section, and select either the Medical contraindications or the Natural immunity tab.

See View Australian Immunisation Register information for more information.

Set text for outgoing emails

In orchid, custom text can be added to the body of outgoing emails.

The limit for custom outgoing email text is 500 characters.

If set, outgoing email text will be added to the body of all emails sent from the practice, and cannot be changed for each provider.

You may wish to use outgoing email text to include information in your emails such as:

  • practice details (address, phone number, email. address)
  • privacy disclaimer
  • a 'no reply' message, for example: 'This email address is not monitored. If you need to contact us, please call us on 07 xxxx xxxx.'

See See Setting up Bp Premier to use email for more information. for more information.

Improved patient search

When using the Patient list (F10) or Open patient (F2), when creating or finding an appointment, creating patient accounts and viewing patient billing history, patients can now be searched for using the following information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • combination of last name and first name
  • preferred name e.g. surname, preferred Name
  • home phone number
  • work phone number
  • mobile number
  • email e.g. admin@brisbanestreetpractice.com
  • home address
  • postal address e.g. 1 Brisbane Street
  • record number
  • preferred name
  • Medicare number
  • IHI
  • postcode
  • date of birth e.g. DD/MM or DD/MM/YYYY, 02/01/91.

See Find a patient for more information.

Internal message search functionality added

In the Messages window, internal messages can now be searched for by message subject, from user (unless searching on sent messages), sent to user, or patient.

Messages can also be sorted by message date, from user or patient, in ascending or descending order.

See Send internal messages for more information.

Email invoices and receipts directly from the patient and account billing history

Invoices and receipts for privately billed accounts can now be emailed directly to patients and contacts from the patient billing history and account holder history screens.

A contact note will be automatically recorded if an email has been successfully sent. This contact note will record that the invoice was sent via email and will contain the patient name and email address used.

See Send emails from Bp Premier for more information.

Bp Cloud Connector

A new component of Bp Premier, Bp Cloud Connector, will be installed as part of the installation or upgrade to Orchid. Bp Cloud Connector is a core component that will support cloud services available in future releases of Bp Premier and other Best Practice Software products that may integrate with Bp Premier.

As part of Bp Cloud Connector, two new Windows Bp services will be installed:

  • Best Practice Field Controller
  • Best Practice Field Recovery Agent

Last updated 04 May 2023.