Set up Bp Allied

Initial set up during installation

When Bp Allied is initially installed, there is some information that is collected and options chosen. This includes:

  • Your name and password. This is stored in Options > User Administration and can be changed.
  • Practice Type - this affects the default client details layout installed. The Practice Type is selected at installation. Please contact the support team if this needs to be changed.
  • The Client Details Layout is based on the Practice Type selected and can be customised further to suit your needs.

There is enough default information in Bp Allied at this point to allow you begin navigating the software and to carry out the following basic tasks. Tp be able to carry out tasks such as invoicing some additional set up is required and is covered in the next steps section below.

Try out the basics

Tasks that can be carried out after the installation have been carried out

Several introductory and masterclass videos can be accessed at Bp Online, our online learning centre.

The next steps

This first section covers those things that must be initially set up within Bp Allied to allow appointments and invoices to be created, reminders sent and referrals to be managed.

Download our checklist to help manage the set up and go-live process.

If you are planning on using Bp Allied hosted subscription, review some of the functional differences here.

  1. Import your own clients.

This can either be done using our built in function Importing Client Information or we can do a custom import for you. Please discuss this with the Bp Allied Sales team.

  1. Add more users or practitioners.

NOTE  It's important that all Users have their own logins for auditing and tracking purposes. This ensures that if any two users open the same Client, the second user is notified on saving that another user has the record open and that they may overwrite their changes.

Review the information on creating additional User logins and allowing access to their calendar.

  1. Update Practitioner Availability to reflect when your practitioners are in the office and where they are located.
  1. Set up invoicing from an appointment.
  • To enable seamless invoicing from the appointment book the reason for and location of a client's appointment needs to be selected in their appointment.
  • Add Products and Services so that these can be selected in appointments and automatically added to an invoice.
  • Update Practice and Location information to be used in appointment selection and then automatically added to an invoice.
  • Set up Provider Numbers for a Practitioner so they appear on an invoice.
  1. Add some Referrers and Third Parties.

Managing referrals is essential for most Allied Health Practitioners. Learn how to set up referrers  and add referrals. The Referrals section covers lots of information about managing the referral count and what the special referral fields mean.

NOTE   If referrers are being imported as part of your data import, you won't need to manually add them.

Set up Third Party billers and learn how to invoice a Third party.

  1. Set up Reminders (SMS and Email).
  • There are two SMS options available: Bp SMS and SMS Central. Look at the SMS Reminder options here.
  • Set up personalised Reminder Templates.
  • Automated Reminders can be set up for both hosted and non-hosted customers using the Bp Allied scheduler. This can also be used to receive replies directly into Bp Allied.
  • Reminders can also be emailed, as can invoices and letters. Learn how to set up your email configuration to do all these things here.
  1. Ensure that you have your data being backed up.

If you have Bp Allied installed on your server, then use our built in back-up option, otherwise, ensure that you set up your own back-ups to protect your data. Hosted clients using Bp Allied fully hosted will have their back-ups carried out on our server.

  1. Customise your Invoice templates.

We give you a number of basic invoice templates, but if you would like your template to reflect your practice, talk to the Bp Allied Support team about your Invoice customisation options.

Additional customisation

Once, you have purchased Bp Allied there are some other set-up tasks that you may wish to carry out to customise Bp Allied for your practice.

  • Customise drop-down lists.

Some Drop-down lists can be customised to reflect the information that you want to capture, for example, referral or cancellation reasons.

  • Customise Client Details.

The standard client layout can be updated to include information specific to the way your practice works. This is done via the customisation of the Client Details forms. This also allows layout that can be distributed to everyone is your practice to be created. If extensive customisation is going to be under taken, review the information in this section and talk to the Bp Allied Sales or Support team for additional help and guidance.

  • Update Options.

The look and feel of the appointment book and individual calendars can be customised via the options section. Some key areas that individual users can customise are:

  • The Appointment Book defaults such as whether icons are displayed or set the practice work hours.
  • The display of calendars in the appointment book.
  • Whether inactive clients can be seen as well as timestamps and Clients ID's in the Client Details options.
  • If you have multiple locations, you can consider changing the numbering options for Invoices, Payments and Refunds to reflect each location. Please discuss changing this with the Support team.

Available integrations

  • Set up Secure Messaging - Two different secure messaging functions are available: Argus and ReferralNet. Read more about these here.
  • Sync to Google Calendar - The appointments in the appointment book can be synchronised to Google calendar. There are some limitations with this that can be read about here.
  • Export financials to Xero or MYOB - Exporting of invoices and payments to either Xero or MYOB is available if required.
  • Export Client list to Mailchimp - Clients can be exported to Mailchimp to enable to use of this mass email function. Some set up is required as explained in the Mailchimp section.

Advanced payment options

A number of different payment and claiming options are available. Read about them via the links below or call our Sales or Support teams to discuss them.

Videos on Bp Allied can be viewed at Bp Online, in particular, Invoicing changes and Tyro Eftpos.

A Bp Masterclass includes Xero integration, Tyro Health Fund Claiming, Bp SMS and Medicare/DVA Enhancements. Please note that the Xero connection has been updated since this video was made. Details can be viewed here.