Manually record a claim payment

If a Medicare batch in Bp Premier is marked as 'unpaid', but Medicare manually make the payment to the practice account, the payment is not transmitted electronically and the payment remains outstanding in the patient claim.

To fix this, you must resend the claim, recreate a single-claim batch, and record the Medicare payment against the batch. The invoice in the billing history will be correctly updated.

  1. Resend the claim:
    1. Select ManagementOnline Claiming or press Ctrl+F9 to open the Online Claiming screen.
    2. Record the batch number for the claim still marked as 'unpaid'.
    3. Double-click the batch with the unpaid claim, and double-click the voucher for the claim marked unpaid.
    4. Select Resend and click Process. Click OK.
  2. Recreate a single-claim batch:
    1. Select ManagementManual Direct Bill Batches. The Direct Bill Batches screen will open.
    2. Select FileNew Batch to open the Direct Bill Batch screen. Enter the batch number from Step 2 into the Batch No. field.
    3. Select the same Provider as the batch from step 2.
    4. Deselect all vouchers except the voucher for the claim marked unpaid. Click Print & Save. You will return to the Direct Bill Batches screen.
    5. Double-click the batch you just created to open the Reconcile Direct Bill Batch screen.
  3. Record the Medicare payment against the batch:
    1. In the Amount Paid field, enter the amount paid by Medicare. You may need to accept the fee if Medicare has paid less than the amount claimed.
    2. Enter the date Medicare paid the claim into the Date paid field. Tick Direct credit and click Save.
    3. Select ManagementPatient Billing History or press Shift+F6 to open the Billing History for the patient. Tick Show payments/deposits. The invoice should now be updated to 'paid'.