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3DA Clinic

3D Anatomica is an Australian medical media company with strengths in the visual interpretation of disease and health management techniques. 3D Anatomica has developed a series of products bringing together physician, nurse, allied healthcare providers, and patients. The flagship is the 3DA Clinic application available for registration to Primary Care physicians, nurses, and allied health professional users.

3DA Clinic is an online tool providing images, animations, and general media giving clinicians the tools to engage patients in health literacy.

For feedback, technical questions, trouble shooting and advice relating to the 3DA Clinic App, please go to www.3DAnatomica.com or email info@3DAnatomica.com.

Accessing 3DA Clinic

3DA Clinic is an online tool and requires an active internet connection. If an active connection is not found, Bp Premier will notify you that the library is unavailable without an internet connection.

  1. From Bp Premier, open a patient record.
  2. Select the icon in the toolbar or select ViewAnatomica3D. Your default internet browser will display the 3D Anatomica login page, or a registration page if you have not yet registered.
  3. After logging in, click on a topic of interest to display the information available.