Service Registration Assistant

The Service Registration Assistant (SRA) is an Australian Digital Health Agency initiative. The SRA serves your practice in controlling the information that is available to external services such as messaging service providers, diagnostic service providers or clinical directories. The information that your practice provides using the Service Registration Assistant includes:

  • The locations at which you operate.
  • The services you provide.
  • The practitioners that provide services.

The information provided via the Service Registration Assistant will eventually be used to ease the registration for services such as HI, NASH, My Health Record, Health Provider Directory and Medicare.

When do I need to run the SRA?

  1. After you upgrade to Jade SP2, run the SRA to onboard your practice and run the initial synchronisation.
  2. A practitioner leaves or joins a practice or practice location. See Keeping the Service Registration Assistant up to Date for more information.
  3. A location is added to or removed from your organisation. See Keeping the Service Registration Assistant up to Date for more information.

What information do I need to use the SRA?

To use the SRA, you must have:

  • An internet connection.
  • A valid ABN entered into Practice details (Setup > Practice details).
  • A valid Health Identifier entered into Practice details.
  • Installed a NASH certificate matching your practice Health Identifier installed on your machine. See Configure Bp Premier for My Health Record for more information.
  • An email address.
  • The user performing the registration must have a PRODA account. Read more about PRODA and how to register on the human services website.
  • A letter that provides evidence of your authorisation to represent the organisation you are registering.

Enable the Service Registration Assistant

Before syncing your provider and practice details using the Service Registration Assistant, you must enable the functionality. The user who performs the following steps must have Allow Access on the Configuration permission.

  1. From the main screen, navigate to Setup > Configuration > General.
  2. Check the Enable Service Registration Assistant for management of users and locations checkbox.
  3. Enable the Service Registration Assistant

  4. A Sync button is now visible on the Practice details (SetupPractice details) and Users (SetupUsers) screen.

What do I do next?