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Enable preventive health notifications

Preventive health items are displayed in the Notifications section of the patient record and appear in green text to indicate possible issues that could be checked for the current patient, based on patient past history and demographic triggers.

Notifications for Preventative Health

Preventive health item notifications can be enabled or disabled for an individual patient only. You cannot turn preventive notifications on or off for the entire practice.

There is no direct way to set up a mailout for preventative health items, but the doctor seeing the patient can set up a reminder for preventative health items, and use the reminder to set up a mailout.

  1. Open the patient record.
  2. Click the Preventive Health button in the top right. The Preventive Health screen will appear, showing the list of items that can be excluded.
  3. Preventive Health

  4. Tick each preventive health item you want to exclude from the patient's preventive item list and click Save.

For example, if you enabled the preventive item 45-49 yo Health check, when the patient enters this age bracket, the prevent health notification will appear in the Notifications list.