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Correct an account or payment

You can adjust unpaid accounts, make minor adjustments to paid accounts, and reverse payments that have been banked.

What adjustment options are available?

The earlier in the billing workflow the error is detected, the easier an account is to fix.

For example, if an account has not been paid at all, you could cancel the account in error and create a new account. Because no money has been taken, this will not affect any banking reports or reconciliation.

If an account has been paid but the payment has not been banked, you can adjust some payment details. However, you cannot add services or another invoice to a paid account. If you need to make complex adjustments, you must reverse the unbanked payment and edit the original account.

If an account has been paid and the payment has been added to a banking batch and processed, you can only change the Payment Location or Credit card type of the payment. For any other adjustments, you must reverse the banked payment and edit the original account.

What about bulk-billed accounts?

Accounts that have been bulk-billed and paid by Medicare cannot be adjusted by reversing a payment. You must reconcile the adjusted claim from the Reconcile Direct Bill Batch screen. See Correct a Direct Bill claim for more information.