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Count Health Summary Uploads

Last updated: 01 September 2020

As part of the reporting requirements for PIP eHealth Incentive eligibility, practices will need to calculate the number of Shared Health Summaries uploaded to My Health Record. To assist this, Bp Premier provides a Shared Health Summaries Uploaded report that provides information on uploads, broken down by location.

Select Management > Reports > to open the Bp Premier Reports function. The reports you can access will be shown. If you can't see the Shared Health Summaries Uploaded report, you or an administrator may need to edit your user reporting permissions so you can view this report.

Multi-location practices

A potential discrepancy exists for practices with multiple locations set up in Bp Premier. Because it's possible to book the appointment and upload the shared health summary at different times, any such 'later' upload may not be counted under the correct location.

Best Practice Software recommend that multi-location practices upload a patient's shared health summary on the same day of the appointment booking for that patient.

Check with a database search

You can also use a database search query to calculate and confirm how many health summaries have been uploaded for a date range. Select Utilities > Search from the main menu to open the Database Search utility and run the following query.

All active patients with a shared health summary uploaded within the date range


FROM bps_patients p

WHERE statustext = 'active'

AND internalid IN (SELECT InternalID

FROM pcehrdocuments

WHERE recordstatus = 1

AND documenttype = 1

AND documentdate between '20180701' and '20181231') /* change the dates in this line to the dates you want using format YYYYMMDD */

ORDER BY surname, firstname

The number of matching records is shown in the Database Search window above the list of results.