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Bp Premier Saffron is out now!

For information on the new features in version Saffron, visit the Saffron Knowledge Base What's New page. After upgrading, you can also select Help > Online within Bp Premier to open the new Saffron Knowledge base, with learning resources on all new features available from the home page.

Saffron Release Notes | PDF

Jade SP4 (October 13 2020)

This release includes:

  • Removal of prompt for bulk billing criteria for patients as previously defined in The Health Insurance (Section 3C General Medical Services - COVID-19 Telehealth and Telephone Attendances) Determination 2020 Subsections 5(1) and 8(4).
  • Reinstatement of the ability to bill COVID-19 incentives separately allowing the practice to claim outstanding 10981/10982 items that might have been previously missed.

If you have not already upgraded to Jade SP3, you will need to familiarise yourself with our enablement materials for that release prior to upgrading to Jade SP4. Jade SP3 release notes are available here.

If you are using ePrescribing in your clinic already in Jade SP3, you will be able to continue to use this feature in Jade SP4 with no further action required.

Release Notes (PDF)

Jade SP3 (July 23 2020)

Jade SP3 includes support for the 'fast track' edition of electronic prescribing , or 'eScripts'.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Set up electronic prescribing

Send and manage eScripts

Frequently Asked Questions from Bp Premier users during the eScripts Masterclass Webinar

Jade SP2

Jade SP2 includes changes to memory handling, the Online Claiming Workflow and Gender Identity fields.

  • Gender Identity. Fields have been changed and added to the patient demographics screen to distinguish patients with various gender identities.
  • Memory Handling. Various areas within Bp Premier including Followup Inbox, Appointment Book and Clinical Reminders have been modified to improve memory handling.
  • Online Claiming Workflow. Functionality that checks for processing and payment reports in the Online Claiming and Tyro Transactions screens has improved with the implementation of a data lock. The data lock permits only one user within your practice to check for payments at a time, which aids in data integrity.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Jade SP1 (September 2019)

New Jade SP1 features comprise of updates to Clinical Reminders, Follow Up Reminders and Inbox and Follow Up Inbox functionality.

  • Clinical Reminders. Linking between Clinical Reminders and Contact Notes has been enhanced. It is now easier to view all contact attempts made for a single Clinical Reminder.
  • Follow Up Reminders Filtering. Searching for items on the Follow up reminders screen has been enhanced by the addition of new date filters.
  • Improvements to Contact Notes for Inbox and Follow Up Inbox. An Origin filter is now available on the Contact notes list screen to make it easier to differentiate between Contact notes made from the Inbox, Follow Up Inbox and Patient Record.
  • Follow Up Inbox Filtering. Searching for items in the Follow Up Inbox is now more accessible by the addition of a new To date filter.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Jade (June 2019)

Jade features enhancements to practice-patient communications, security and other clinical functions:

  • BP Comms. Bp Comms introduces integration with the Best Health App. The Best Health App is currently undergoing extensive user testing with a group of practices before being released to all customers later in 2019. See Get started with Best Health App for more information.
  • Bp Premier Partner Network. The Bp Partner Network is a program that formalises Best Practice Software's relationship with practices and technology vendors that develop integrated solutions with Bp's suite of software products. See Best Practice Software Partner Network for more information.
  • CommBank Health Claim. Delivered in partnership with Whitecoat, the solution is currently in pilot. If you are interested in participating in the pilot or would like to learn more, please email SmartTerminalsApps@cba.com.au. See Configure Whitecoat.
  • Record Locking. To ensure that the Bp Premier data is kept consistent, locking on certain data records is introduced to allow only one user to change the data at a time. See Record Locking for more information.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Indigo Service Pack 2 (April 2019)

Indigo Service Pack 2 updates the licence checks that were introduced in Indigo SP1 to match practice expectations of a normal business week:

  • The check to see if a provider has more than 25 hours booked within the last 7 days has been removed.
  • The check to see if a provider has an average of more than 25 hours booked over the previous 28 days now uses the next Sunday as end of the current weekly period. 28 days is counted back from the next Sunday when working out the average weekly hours booked over the last business month.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Indigo Service Pack 1 (January 2019)

Indigo SP1 features major enhancements to practice-patient communications and other enhancements to management and clinical functions:

  • BP Comms. Bp Comms allows your practice to send a variety of messages by SMS to patients, including clinical reminders, clinical communications for following up investigations, and health awareness messages for campaigns your practice might run. Read the Quick Reference Guide for the new clinical communication workflow.
  • Contact Notes. Contact notes provide a comprehensive audit trail of contact attempts throughout clinical workflows. Each time you send a patient a message, Bp Premier automatically records the contact attempt and links the contact note to the record, such as an investigation result or a clinical reminder. You can also manually record a note for a patient contact, such as following up an unpaid invoice. Read the Quick Reference Guide, or read more...
  • HealthShare Directory. When you look up a referral or contact for a document, you can search HealthShare's online directory from the Bp Premier word processor. Read more...
  • Drug Database backup. The BPS Backup utility has been improved to include backing up and restoring the drug database. Read more...

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Release Notes (PDF)

For all changes to Indigo Service Pack 1, review the Indigo Knowledge Base What's New page.