What's new in Bp Premier

Saffron (13 January 2020)

Bp Premier version Saffron includes a number of major new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Release Notes (PDF)

Secure messaging and online directories

Users can search and retrieve recipients for addressing in referrals and correspondence, and synchronise local contacts with FHIR online directory entries. See how to set up a secure FHIR online directory here.

Electronic prescribing next edition

Saffron includes support for sending eScripts to the Best Health App, and Real Time Prescription Monitoring is also now enabled for electronic prescribing for all participating states. See Electronic prescribing for more information.

Password and access security

Password security and user account access has undergone significant changes in Saffron to conform with ADHA standards for practice management systems that use electronic prescribing, including the ability for an administrator to set a minimum password length and complexity, as well as a new 'inactivity timeout' that will log a user out if a screen is left unattended. Review the changes here.

Best Practice Software also recommend that you read the release notes to prepare your staff for the changes in password security.

National Cancer Screening Register

Saffron features an integration with the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR). Patients registered with the National Cervical Screening and Bowel Cancer Screening programs will feature a dedicated NCSR 'hub' in their clinical record. See how to set up NCSR here and use the hub here. Or search for 'NCSR' in the knowledge base (Help > Online).

Medicare refunds

Saffron introduces a Medicare Refunds function for cases where a batched item needs to be refunded after the claim has already been paid. This function replaces the current manual process of submitting the paperwork, refunding the incorrect value, and reclaiming the item. Your practice will no longer need a support call to Best Practice Software to remove the payment and adjust the service.

See Refund a Medicare payment for more information.

Active Ingredient Prescribing

Prescriptions written for PBS and RPBS medication will now have the medication's active ingredients listed on them by default, rather than a brand name. You can still include a brand name on the script as well as active ingredients, if the prescriber considers the brand name necessary for safety or other reasons.

See Understanding Active Ingredient Prescribing for more information.

Last updated 18 December 2021