What can you claim with Tyro?

How does Tyro work with Bp Premier?

Integrated EFTPOS

This function allows you to transmit payment amounts directly from the Bp Premier payment screen to the Tyro terminal. No re-keying of payment amounts into the EFTPOS terminal is required by front desk staff. Patients can pay using their debit or credit card.

Integrated Medicare Easyclaim

For accounts paid in full, administrative staff can send the claim to Medicare Australia for verification. Approval is received in seconds. If the claim is approved by Medicare, the patient will be prompted by the Tyro terminal to swipe their EFTPOS card through the terminal. The rebate will then be paid into the patients bank account in 11 seconds.

Accounts can be paid in full by patients using any payment method: credit, cash, or EFTPOS. However, only cards that link to a Savings or Cheque account are accepted for Medicare Easyclaim rebates. These rebates cannot be made to a credit card account. Patients may need to a different bank card to claim their rebate to the card used to pay their account.

For accounts where a gap payment or a part payment is made, administrative staff will still have the option to send the claim to Medicare Australia for verification. However, gap and part payments will result in a cheque being sent to the patient. The patient must bring the cheque into the practice to cover the outstanding amount.

Which items cannot be sent via Easyclaim?

Some medical services cannot be claimed using Medicare Easyclaim:

  • services for veterans, Department of Veterans' Affairs claims
  • in-hospital services
  • multiple attendance items (where number of patients > 1)
  • services requiring service text or notes
  • services that are time dependent
  • services with separate sites (unless you enter a restriction override code)
  • services with non-standard referrals
  • services with service dates older than 2 years
  • complex pathology.

However, these services can be claimed through other claiming channels, such as Medicare patient claiming.

For more information on EasyClaim and which services cannot be paid, review the Department of Human Services information on Medicare EasyClaim.

Last updated 23 July 2020