COVID-19 templates

Last updated: May 2020

This article provides information on word processor and Bp Comms templates that have been updated or created to assist your practice with COVID-19 patients and communications, and advice on how existing templates can be created or modified to assist your practice.

To access all COVID-19 templates provided in Bp Premier,ensure you have downloaded the latest Data Update

Templates provided in Bp Premier

There are four COVID-19 related templates available in Bp Premier:

  • COVID-19 Asymptomatic response template
  • COVID-19 Clearance Certificate
  • COVID-19 Negative response letter
  • COVID-19 Notification PHU.

Create or modify templates for COVID-19 treatment

GP Management Plan template

You can modify an existing GP Management Plan template to include COVID-19 information.

To modify an existing template:

  1. From the Bp Premier word processor, select TemplatesEdit template. The Word Processor templates screen will appear.
  2. Select the GPMP/ TCA template and click Open.
  3. Make any changes you require. You may wish to add the following table into your template
  4. Discussion point


    Patient agreed plan or goals

    Flu vaccine

    +/- pneumonia

    +/- shingles

    +/- child / adolescent imms

    +/- antenatal pertussis

    High risk population

    Hospital avoidance strategy

    Reduce multiple excursions from home

    Improve immunisation coverage rates for vaccine

    Preventable diseases



    How to obtain a script from GP

    How to organise delivery from pharmacy

    Reduce risk of medication errors or sub-optimal treatment

    Hospital avoidance strategy

    Reduce unnecessary excursions from home




    Vulnerable population

    May not understand what this really means

    Identify access and barriers to resources


    Home delivery / visiting

    Groceries - priority access

    Pathology (if required)

    Reduce unnecessary excursions from home

    access to essential supplies fro health and hygiene

    ensure regular pathology monitoring is maintained as appropriate for patient needs




    High cholesterol

    Obesity / underweight



    Some staples in limited supply

    Patients may not be familiar with available ingredients

    Diet controlled chronic diseases may be affected by food availability

    Available food may potentially interact with medications (e.g. Warfarin)


    Skin integrity


    Likely not attending routine skin cancer checks

    May be self-caring for wounds at risk of infection

    Rashes could be known or unknown co-morbidities.

  5. Select File > Save as and save the modified template under a new name.

Last updated 23 July 2020