Saffron SP3 Masterclass FAQ

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This article includes the questions asked by Bp Premier users during the Saffron SP3 Masterclass sessions delivered by Best Practice Software from 23 February to 1 March 2022.




What immunisations do I need to upload to AIR before upgrading to Saffron SP3?

Any immunisations that have not yet been transmitted to AIR must be sent before upgrading, these are visible in the Utilities > Australian Immunisation Register screen. Ensure you send this final batch before you install the update.

How do I check if there are any pending AIR records before I update?

Navigate to Utilities > Australian Immunisation Register from the Main Screen and make sure there's no immunisation records in this list before you upgrade to Saffron SP3.

Do I need an individual AIR Provider Number?

To access AIR information, you will need either an Individual Medicare Provider number recorded in your user details, or Bp Premier will use an AIR Provider Number at Location level for any providers in Bp Premier who do not have an individual Medicare provider number recorded.

Where do I apply for an AIR Provider Number at Location level?

Get in touch with Services Australia for assistance with this. An Application to register as a vaccination provider form (IM004) can be used for this purpose. See Record and send immunisations to the AIR for more information.

Is the AIR Provider Number at Location level the same as Minor ID?

The Minor ID and AIR Provider Number at Location level are different numbers. The minor ID is used for Medicare Billing whilst the AIR Provider Number is required for connecting to the new AIR functionality for any users in Bp Premier who do not have their own Medicare Provider Number.

Can I add an AIR Provider Number at Location level in Saffron SP2?

No, this is a new feature in Saffron SP3 in conjunction with the new AIR functionality.


Is the NASH certificate still required after upgrading to Saffron SP3?

Yes, your NASH certificate will still be required to access My Health Record, connect to the HI service, and to send electronic prescriptions, so you will need your NASH certificate to connect to these services.

Where do I check my PKI Certificate expiry?

Instructions are available here.

I can’t upgrade before March 13th, but my PKI Site Certificate looks like it has been automatically renewed. Do I need to do anything else?

With your certificate renewed, you will be able to continue your connection to Services Australia after March 13th. All that is left to do is to ensure that you complete the upgrade to Saffron SP3 before the 19th of June, 2022.

If the PKI certificate has not been automatically renewed, what should we do?

You should download and install a new one into Bp Premier.

B2B Device


Does the registered B2B device need to be turned on all the time for the other workstations to function?

No, there is not a single machine that is the B2B device, the B2B device is your Bp Premier database in its entirety.

Do you need to register all machines as B2B devices to be able to access Medicare Web Services from these devices ?

The B2B device is a bit of a confusing name, but this refers to your Bp Premier database in its entirety. So you will only need to register this once, and it will apply to all workstations in your practice.

How can I tell when the B2B device registration is expiring?

Bp Premier will give you warnings 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, and then daily prior to the expiry date.

Can we register a B2B Device in PRODA before upgrading to Saffron SP3?

No, this step can only be completed once upgraded to Saffron SP3 (or Saffron SP2). Your PRODA account registration can be completed beforehand though. See Connect to Medicare Web Services for more information.


Does everybody in the practice need a PRODA account? E.g. every doctor, every nurse, and every receptionist?

No, not everybody requires a PRODA account. Only the authorised contact as per the Australian Business register will need one, and we recommend that person nominate another user with admin or manager level access for redundancy purposes.

Medicare Web Services

Has Best Practice secured an extension to the deadline for Medicare Web Services?

Yes, Team Bp have secured an extension on behalf of all of our practices. You must upgrade and be using Web Services by the 19th of June, 2022.

Upgrading to Saffron SP3

Are the release notes for Saffron SP3 available?

Yes. You can view the release notes here.

Do I need to upgrade to Saffron SP2 before I can upgrade to Saffron SP3?

No, you do not, you can upgrade directly to Saffron SP3 from earlier versions of Bp Premier, but be sure to review the release notes of any versions you are skipping to see what additional new functionality is available to you.

Can we delay upgrading to Saffron SP3 once it is ready?

You can update to Saffron SP3 at a time that suits you, but you must complete this by the 19th of June, 2022 so that you can continue to connect to Services Australia.

Online claiming

Do you have to have your billing batches finalised before upgrade and have no outstanding rejections?

No, there are no requirements to manage outstanding rejections before you upgrade.

Last Modified 03 March 2022