Download the Bp Premier database for remote use

This article describes how to download a subset of the clinical database to a Bp Premier workstation for working offline.

What is downloaded for remote access?

The remote database download utility selects a subset of patients whose records need to be transported and accessed remotely, for example, if a provider needs to make a home or nursing home visit, or attend a remote clinic with limited Internet access. The provider would install a workstation version of Bp Premier onto a laptop, and remote download the patients they need to access while working remotely.

It is not possible to remote download ALL patients in a practice's database. The remote process creates empty databases on the local PC and loads patient data and documents into the new databases. The process would take hours or days if all patients were downloaded.

Only the clinical components of Bp Premier required for recording a patient's visit are available while in remote mode. The remote database on the laptop computer contains the selected patients' past visits, current and past medications, correspondence, observations, care plans, and similar items available from the patient record.

IMPORTANT  Clinical functions such as reminders, result follow-ups, sending immunisations to AIR in Saffron SP3, and inbox processing, and management functions such as system configuration, database searches, appointment book, waiting room, and account generation are not available while in remote mode.

Users logged in to the remote workstation will have access to:

  • Patient notes
  • Word processor
  • Contacts
  • Patient and product information sheets.

Any patient information recorded or correspondence written will be saved to the local database and uploaded to the server database during synchronisation.

Patient photos are not downloaded to a workstation during the remote database creation. Template fields that reference a patient photo (such as <Patient / Patient Photo>) will be empty for documents created in remote database mode. You cannot add a photo to a patient record while a workstation is in remote database mode.

Working in remote mode

As long as the laptop remains disconnected from the network on which the Bp Premier server runs, Bp Premier on the laptop will run in remote mode. To access patient records, users must open patients by selecting FileOpen patient from the menu or pressing F2, because appointment book functionality will be unavailable. Similarly, account finalisation and processing will be unavailable.

The Data Update version of remote workstations should also be kept up to date periodically with the server Data Update version.

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Last updated 23 July 2020