New practice checklist

This checklist is designed to make the transition for new practices to Bp Premier as smooth as possible. The following features and integrations should be organised before your practice goes live with Bp Premier, if possible. Some integrations (such as new Site Certificates) can take at least two weeks to receive once you’ve completed the application process.

For a detailed description of how to set up all clinical and management components of Bp Premier, click the Get Started button in the knowledge base and view the articles under Set up Management and Set up Clinical that apply to your practice.

If your practice prefers a printable guide, a comprehensive Bp Premier User Guide and Bp Premier Configuration Guide are available for purchase as PDF from here.




Schedule Training

Contact our Training team via and let them know your planned go-live date. Our training team generally requires at least two weeks’ notice before they’re able to schedule training.

For more information about training options and prices, click here.

Connect to Medicare Web Services

As of Saffron SP2, you must set up a connection to Medicare Web Services via PRODA to use patient verification functionality.

As of Saffron SP3, you must set up a connection to Medicare Web Services via PRODA to use online claiming and Australian Immunisation Register functionality.

To connect to Medicare Web Services, follow these instructions.

Install NASH certificates

NASH Certificates are required for My Health Record and electronic prescriptions.

For information about obtaining a NASH certificate, read here.

To install NASH certificates, follow these instructions.

Set up Electronic Prescribing

If you wish to use electronic prescriptions in your practice, you'll need to ensure your prescribers have all prerequisite information in their user record.

You’ll also need to have eRx installed on your network. MediSecure compatibility is available in Saffron SP1.

Follow these instructions to set up electronic prescribing.

Enable Bp Comms

Bp Comms is a flexible and affordable way of sending patients electronic communications. We offer both Bp SMS and the Best Health App for your practice-patient communications for appointment reminders, recalls, clinical reminders, clinical communications, and health awareness messages.

For more information on pricing, click here.

For information on Bp Comms patient consent and setting up Bp Comms, click here.

Set up Pathology & Imaging

Speak with your Pathology and Radiology laboratories and advise them of your go-live date (i.e. the first day you’ll be creating requests in Bp Premier). They will need to remotely access your network to install and configure their software.

For Radiology providers, please ask them to create a Request Layout in Setup > Preferences > Imaging with the correct margins.

For complete setup instructions for pathology and imaging results importing, click here.

For instructions on creating an imaging request layout, click here.

Set up Secure Messaging

If you wish to use a Secure Messaging provider for eReferrals or to use an online directory, please organise this prior to your go-live date. They will also need to remotely access your network to install and configure their software.

For instructions on setting up a messaging provider, click here.

Set up Online Directories

FHIR online directories are becoming available to search for healthcare providers. You may need to contact the online directory vendor to obtain details for configuration in Bp Premier to access their directory within the software.

For instructions on setting up an online directory, click here.

Install Data Updates

Before your go-live date, ensure you download and run the latest Drug Database Update on your server machine. This will import updated MBS items and fee schedules, supplied templates, and MIMS prescribing information. New Data Updates are released approximately every month.

An email notification will be sent to your practice’s key contact to notify you that a new data update is available for download. Best Practice Software recommend that you forward these notification emails to your IT professionals for immediate application. Data updates can be run live on the Bp Premier server with no down time for the practice.

Download the latest drug update here. Instructions for installing a data update are available here.

Set up Tyro

Tyro gives practices the ability to instantly process patient rebates, as opposed to online patient claiming, which generally takes between 4 and 6 hours.

If you intend to use Tyro-integrated EFTPOS, contact them here to install your Tyro terminals and software prior to your go-live date.

For instructions on setting up Tyro for Bp Premier, click here.

Back up Bp Premier

Schedule Bp Premier to back up regularly.

For instructions on backing up Bp Premier, click here.


Last updated 31 January 2022