WorkCover QLD electronic invoicing

Registered medical and allied health providers can submit invoices for payment by WorkCover for products and services they have provided to injured workers.

After setting up the initial configuration, including registering providers with WorkCover QLD if they aren't already, practice staff can bill to 'WorkCover' from the Account Details or Consultation screen and Bp Premier will automatically send the invoice to WorkCover QLD.

Depending on how your practice manages WorkCover claims, you can set up WorkCover accounts in Bp Premier for practice locations (including just one location), or for one or more individual providers.

When you bill to 'WorkCover' and submit the invoice, if there is more than one WorkCover provider number associated with the billing location, Bp Premier will ask you which provider number you want to associate with the invoice.

Set up electronic invoicing for WorkCover QLD

Before you begin

Before you can set up electronic invoicing, you'll need the following information:


Obtained from

Australian Business Number (ABN)

For practice or provider obtained from the Australian Business Register.

You should have recorded your practice's ABN when first setting up Bp Premier. If not, go to SetupPractice DetailsChange and record an ABN Number.

B2B Account username

Obtained from WorkCover QLD. Contact WorkCover QLD on or 1300 362 128 to register for a B2B account. You will need to supply an email address to receive your B2B registration details.

For more information, review the WorkCover QLD website.

B2B Account password

Set by the practice or provider after registering for a B2B account. Contact WorkCover QLD on or 1300 362 128 to register for a B2B account.

QLD WorkCover Provider Number

Provider number (P-number, or P000 number) supplied by WorkCover QLD after practices and practitioners register with WorkCover QLD as a service provider. For more information on registering, review the WorkCover website for service providers.

NOTE  Both your practice and practitioners will require provider numbers to set up electronic invoicing.

Digital certificates

Bp Premier will prompt for digital certificates to be installed to ensure a secure connection to the WorkCover B2B gateway. The certificates are installed with Bp Premier and you do not need to source them.

Set up electronic invoicing

Follow these steps on the Bp Premier workstations that will be used to submit QLD WorkCover invoices.

  1. Log in to Bp Premier as a user with administrator-level privileges.
  2. From the main menu, select SetupConfiguration. Scroll down the tab list on the left hand side and select WorkCover.
  3. WorkCoverQLDSiteDetails

  4. Click Setup next to WorkCover QLD electronic invoicing. Windows User Access Control or SmartScreen may prompt for confirmation to proceed. Click Yes. The initial WorkCover QLD Setup window will appear.
  5. WorkCover QLD Setup screen 1

  6. Enter your B2B Account name supplied by WorkCover QLD.
  7. Enter and confirm your B2B Password for the account.
  8. NOTE  Do not tick Log WorkCover QLD transactions on this computer unless requested by Best Practice Software Support. The logs for WorkCover QLD transactions are located in the Windows Event Viewer under Applications and Services LogsBest Practice Software.

  9. Click Install certificates. Bp Premier will install the certificates and indicate success or failure. Click OK.
  10. WorkCover certificates installed

  11. Click Test to test the connection to the WorkCover B2B gateway. If the connection fails, check that you have entered the correct account name and password. If the connection still fails, contact WorkCover QLD to ensure you are registered.
  12. Click Setup provider accounts. The WorkCover QLD Setup window will appear.
  13. WorkCover QLD Setup list

  14. Click Add. A second WorkCover QLD Setup window will appear.
  15. WorkCover QLD add provider or practice

  16. Select from the Provider Type drop-down whether you are adding details for a practice 'Location' or single 'Practitioner'.
  17. NOTE  Both individual practitioner details and the practice location details will need to be added through the WorkCover QLD Setup window.

  18. From the Provider dropdown, select the practice location or provider to add.
  19. Enter the QLD WorkCover Provider Number (the P-number or P000 number).
  20. Click OK.
  21. Repeat steps 9–13 to add all providers who will be sending invoices to WorkCover QLD, as well as your location.
  22. Click Close to return to the WorkCover QLD Setup window. Click Save to save setup information and close the window.
  23. Click Save from the Configuration window to close the window.

Electronic invoicing setup for Bp Premier is now complete. You can start submitting invoices to WorkCover QLD.

Submit an electronic invoice to WorkCover QLD

Create an account as normal, such as finalising a consultation, or from the appointment book or Patient Billing History. The following examples show the Account Details screen, but the process is the same.

  1. Select 'WorkCover' from the Bill to: field.
  2. Bill to WorkCover

  3. Enter a Claim No. and Accident Date for the claim. You must at least record an accident date.
  4. Add items to the invoice as normal.
  5. Regardless of whether you Pay Now, Print, Store, or Hold the invoice, Bp Premier will prompt if you want to send the invoice to WorkCover QLD.
  6. Upload invoice?

  7. Click Yes to send the invoice now, or No to not send the invoice.
  8. If you would like to send the invoice later or to resend a sent invoice, go to the Patient Billing screen for the patient and select WorkCover from the Billed to drop down. From the list of results, select the WorkCover invoice you want to send, and click Adjust.

    Adjust invoice

    The Account details screen will appear. Select one of the following: Pay Now, Print, Store, or Hold. The prompt to send the invoice will appear again.

  9. Bp Premier will determine which WorkCover provider number to associate with the invoice:
    • If the Provider selected has a P-number recorded, Bp Premier will default to that P-number.
    • If the selected Provider has no P-number recorded, the P-number recorded for the practice for the billing Location will be used.
  10. If there are multiple practice P-numbers recorded for the billing location, Bp Premier will prompt which P-number you want to use for this invoice. For example, a practice may have different facilities that bill to WorkCover separately.
  11. Select Provider Number for invoice

  12. Select the WorkCover P-number to use and click OK. Bp Premier will attempt to connect to the WorkCover B2B gateway and upload the invoice, and advise on the success or failure of the upload.
  13. If the upload was not successful, Bp Premier will alert with a message and ask if you want to try again. Click Yes to try again, or No to abandon trying to upload the invoice. If you click No, Bp Premier will continue with the payment handling option you selected (Pay, Print, Store, or Hold).

Invoice upload to WorkCover QLD is complete.

Last updated 24 August 2022.