Tutorial Videos

How-to tutorial videos are available for Bp Premier users.

For new release videos, Masterclass webinars and BeInTheKnow webinars, see Media Resources


Add a new prescription

Bulk document import options

Add a clinical reminder

Add copies to a pathology request

Custom pathology tests

Add customised patient education materials

Send an electronic prescription

Export patients

Finalise a visit

Add a free-text imaging request

Add an injection as a procedure

Change your pathology preferences

Request pathology

Send an imaging request

Nominate a specific body region for imaging requests

Send a user-defined imaging request

Un-mark a patient as contacted

Prescribing workflow changes made for active ingredient prescribing

Prescribing medications included in the List of Medicines for Brand Consideration (LMBC)


Book an appointment

Add a new family member

Perform a mail merge

Create direct bill batches

Pay an invoice with a deposit

Reconcile an online claiming batch with rejected invoices

Reverse an unbanked payment

Practice managers

Set up appointment book sessions

Set up imaging e-ordering

Set up pathology e-ordering

Create a word processor template

Add custom fees

Access Bp Premier utilities

Update registry to point to server

Update the drug database

Group reports

Set up the Bp Browser account

Set up a FHIR connection

Import multiple NASH certificates

Configure access to reports

Modify an MBS item

COVID-19 vaccine appointment workflow

Set default MBS items

Create appointment book layouts

Last updated 10 January 2022