End of support for older versions

Best Practice Software regularly provides new releases of our software, so that you have the latest mandated regulatory requirements and a range of software improvements covering security features, fixes to known software issues, and new software features. However, regular software releases present an increasing challenging to our Support team to continue supporting customers using older versions of Bp Premier.

If an older version has been 'sunset', official support for that version has ceased, including the provision of version-specific templates, old reports, minimum software requirements, and access to Bp Premier Support. Support is always available to assist our users in upgrading to the latest version.

The online Lava and Indigo Knowledge Bases will continue to be available users of those versions of the software.

The following table provides a schedule of current and future sunset versions and dates. To check the version of Bp Premier, select Help > About from the menu.

Bp Premier Version

Build No

When Bp releases this version

Support ceases on this date

Saffron SP3/SP3 Rev1



Saffron SP2/SP2 Rev1



Saffron SP1




Saffron SP3

March 2022

Jade SP3 / SP4

Saffron SP1

June 2021

Jade SP2


November 2020

Jade SP1

Jade SP3

23 July 2020


Jade SP2

30 June 2020

Version Indigo and all service pack releases are considered sunset from June 2020. This includes versions:,,,

Versions Summit and Lava, including all service pack releases, are considered sunset from 10 January 2020. This includes versions:,,,, and

What should I do if I'm running a version that will soon be sunset?

The following instructions summarise how to upgrade your version of Bp Premier to the latest version. You may require your IT services provider.

  1. Review the What's new page to find out what the latest Bp Premier version is. Download and review the release notes from the What's New page for all versions between your current version and the latest version to see the new features that have been added and if you need to take any action at your practice to work with the new features.
  2. Review the system requirements for the latest version of Bp Premier. If your server or workstations do not meet the minimum requirements, you may need to upgrade your hardware or database before you can proceed with a program update.
  3. Update to the latest drug database update if you haven't already. Instructions for downloading and running a data update are here.
  4. Download the latest program update from the corporate website.
  5. Back up the Bp Premier database and test that the backup can restore successfully.
  6. Outside of regular practice hours, run the latest program update on the Bp Premier server. Follow the instructions on screen in the upgrade wizard.
  7. Review the release notes for the upgrade version to see if you need to perform any post-upgrade configuration.

Last updated 28 October 2021