Connecting to Medicare Web Services for Clinical Only Practices

If your practice has a clinical-only Bp Premier licence and you wish to use the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) functionality available in Saffron SP3, you must connect Bp Premier to Medicare Web Services.

For more information about AIR functionality in Saffron SP3, see View Australian Immunisation Register information and Record and send immunisations to the AIR.

Before you begin

Before you can connect Bp Premier to Medicare Web Services, you must:

The above steps are completed in PRODA and will also be required for connecting your management software to Medicare Web Services.

Connect Bp Premier to Medicare Web Services

To connect your clinical only version of Bp Premier to Medicare Web Services, you must:

  • Enter your Minor ID in Bp Premier. This is the same minor ID you use in your management software for online claiming.
  • Register a B2B device in PRODA via the PRODA tab in Bp Premier.

Enter your Minor ID

  1. From the Bp Premier home screen, select Setup > Practice details > Change. The Practice details screen will appear.
  2. If your practice only uses one minor ID:
    1. Enter it into the Minor Id: field and click Save.
  3. If your practice uses multiple minor IDs:
    1. Tick Multiple Medicare Locations and click Save.
    2. Under Practice locations, select a location that you wish to add a minor ID for, and click Edit. The location details screen will appear.
    3. Enter the location's minor ID in the Minor ID: field, tick PRODA Subsidiary Organisation, and click Save.
    4. Repeat for all locations that require a minor ID.

Register a B2B device

NOTE   Before registering your B2B device, ensure the correct time and time zone has been set in Windows. If the correct time has not been set, this can cause issues when registering your B2B device, or extending your device expiry.

  1. From the Bp Premier home screen, select Setup > Configuration. The Configuration screen will appear.
  2. Select the PRODA icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. If your practice has multiple locations that are registered as subsidiary organisations in PRODA, ensure the correct minor ID has been selected from the Minor ID field.
  4. Click Login to access the PRODA login page.
  5. Enter your PRODA username and password, and select Login. A verification code will be sent to you as an email, sms, or to the PRODA mobile app, depending on your settings in PRODA.
  6. Enter your verification code and click Next. The PRODA home screen will appear.
  7. Select Organisations in the top right corner of the screen. The My organisations page will open.
  8. Select the organisation that you wish to set up the connection for. The Manage my organisation page will open.
  9. If you are connecting a subsidiary organisation to PRODA, open the Subsidiary Organisations menu, and select the subsidiary organisation you wish to connect.
  10. Select B2B Devices, then Register New B2B Device. The Register New B2B Device screen will appear.
  11. Navigate back to Bp Premier and select Copy next to the B2B Device (Software Instance) field.
  12. Return to the PRODA Register New B2B Device screen and paste the content you copied from the B2B Device (Software Instance) field into the Device Name: field.
  13. Enter a description if you wish, and click Register Device.
  14. Copy and paste the Device Activation Code and the PRODA RA (Organisation) number into the corresponding fields in Bp Premier.
  15. In Bp Premier, click Register. An alert will appear indicating that the device has been successfully registered.
  16. Click OK on the alert. A second alert will appear indicating that PRODA and Medicare Online access is working correctly.

If you receive the below message when you click Register, it means you have not yet linked Medicare Online as a service provider to your organisation in PRODA. Complete this step to avoid this error. See Register your organisation in PRODA for more information.

If you wish to re-verify your PRODA access, you can do so by clicking Check access in the Bp Premier PRODA configuration screen.

Turn off immunisation file linking

Immunisation data can be sent to the AIR directly from the patient record in Saffron SP3. You are no longer required to export immunisation files from Bp Premier and import them into your management software to send to the AIR.

  1. From the Bp Premier home screen, select Setup > Configuration > Links.
  2. Untick Transfer immunisation data back to the billing package and click Save.

Extend your device expiry

After six months, you will need to extend your B2B device expiry to continue to use AIR functionality. See Extend your device expiry for more information.

Last updated 07 March 2022