Create a complex account

You should create a complex account if services have been performed over a range of dates, and you need to address all services in a single account.

If the account is for a single consultation and all services have the same service date, you should create a simple account instead.

Create new account

  1. Depending on where you are in Bp Premier:
    • From the main screen, select Management > Create complex account
    • From the Patient Billing History screen, go to File > New complex account
    • From the Account Holder History screen, go to File > New complex account.
  2. If you are creating the complex account from the main screen, the Select Patient screen will be displayed. Search for a patient and click Select.
  3. The Account details screen will be displayed.

  4. Check the details in this screen are correct, and make any changes necessary. For example, you may need to change the location or billing schedule.
  5. NOTE  WorkCover defaults to the WorkCover address entered in the Setup > Configuration > Workcover screen. This is only valid in states where accounts are sent directly to WorkCover (such as Queensland).

Add service details

  1. To add items to the account, click Add item. The Account item screen will appear.
  2. Search for the MBS item you require and double-click on the description or double-click on the fee in the Fee list to populate the Description of service and Fee to charge fields.
  3. Set the Service date for the item. Complex accounts allow you to add items over a range of service dates.
  4. Tick Not normal aftercare or In hospital if applicable.
  5. If the service item claimed has a derived fee that changes depending upon the number of patients seen, edit the No of patients field. Otherwise, leave at '1'.
  6. Some services, such as excisions and care plans, require additional information such as location, or type. Enter this information into the Service details field.
  7. NOTE  Certain items can only be claimed together, or duplicate items on the same day, if you supply a Medicare Restrictive Override code (restriction code). See Restriction codes for more information.

  8. If your practice provides diagnostic imaging services, tick Self deemed to bill a diagnostic imaging item number, or tick Substituted Service to bill a diagnostic imaging item number that has replaced the original service requested.
  9. Click Add to return to the Account details screen. Or click Add another to add the item to the account and clear the current screen to add another item.
  10. Repeat for each service you want to add to the account.

Finalise the Account

  1. Finalise the account and process the payment for the account by selecting one of the following:
    • Pay now — saves the invoice and displays the payment screen ready for the payment details to be entered
    • Print — saves the invoice and prints a copy of the account for the patient
    • Store— saves the invoice so that it can be finalised later
    • Cancel — cancels the account or undoes any changes made to an existing account.

Last updated 23 July 2020