Management Setup Checklist

This checklist is designed to make the transition for new practices to Bp Premier as smooth as possible. The following management functions should be set up after you have conducted the activities in the New Install Checklist and before your practice goes live with Bp Premier in a Production environment, so that booking and billing workflows are ready to start.

See Set up the Clinical module for more information on setting up the clinical functions in Bp Premier.

If your practice prefers a printable guide, a comprehensive Bp Premier User Guide and Bp Premier Configuration Guide are available for purchase as PDF from here.




Set up location details

Record financial and healthcare provider organisation identifiers like ABN and HPI-O for all your practice locations.

Set up a single-location practice

Set up a multi-location practice

Record multiple NASH certificates and HPI-O

Add users

Add the staff at your practice, so their preferences and rosters can be created.

Use Permissions to restrict access to Bp Premier functions related to that user's role only.

Add a new user

Add a new provider

Configure user password security

Set up user preferences

Set up the Appointment Book

Appointment book configuration includes defining your practice and provider rosters, setting appointment book workflow preferences, enabling the appointment and visit types your practice will use, setting the default appointment length, and defining cancel reasons.

Set up appointment book sessions and holidays

Set up appointment book preferences

Set the default appointment length

Add appointment types and cancel reasons

Add Appointment Book Layouts

A layout is a group of one or more healthcare providers to display appointments for. You can use layouts to prevent the appointment book from overcrowding.

Create an Appointment Book layout

Set up billing

Billing configuration has many components and includes workflow defaults for providers and reception, bank account details, custom text for invoices and statements, and worker's compensation.

Set up Billing walkthrough

Set up practice fees

Practices that charge private fees will need to set up their fee schedules.

Set up custom fees and schedules

Set up Medicare Online Claiming

Set up online claiming for Direct Bill and Patient Claiming.

Set up online claiming for a single Minor ID

Set up online claiming for multiple Minor IDs

Set up Online Claiming in Saffron SP3 or later

Online claming with a proxy server

Troubleshoot online claiming setup

Set up Tyro

You will need to configure any Tyro terminals your practice will use and set up Tyro EasyClaim.

Set up Tyro

Set up Tyro for Direct Billing

Set up Bp Service

Bp Service is Bp Premier's scheduler. The service is responsible for polling scheduled functions like automated appointment reminders and backups.

Set up Bp Service

Create an appointment reminder schedule

A reminder schedule will send out automated appointment reminders to patients' SMS or Best Health App.

Set up an appointment reminder schedule

Set up My Health Record

Import certificates and validate identifiers so your providers can access patients' My Health Record online.

Set up My Health Record in Bp Premier

Troubleshoot My Health Record

Set up printing

Set up printing defaults for the practice and providers, such as the default printer for document types.

Set up printing and user printing preferences

Create custom templates

Modify system templates or create new ones for the word processor with custom practice details.

Create a word processor template

Create a letterhead

Set up label printing

Create Bp Comms templates

Bp Comms is Bp Premier's practice-patient communication function. Bp Comms templates are used for automated appointment reminders and clinical reminder follow-up messaging.

Set up Bp Comms templates

Create a reminder letter template

Add reminder types and reasons

Set up reporting

Set up reporting permissions for users so that users can only run reports relevant to their role.

Set up users for reporting

Set up other clinical software integrations

Bp Premier offers inbuilt support for many government initiatives and vendors in the industry. If your practice uses a particular vendor, search the Bp Premier Knowledge Base for any instructions on setting up the vendor integration.

PEN CAT, HealthLink SmartForms, MEDrefer, NCSR, HealthShare fact sheets, MedEbridge, MediTracker, 3D Anatomica, NPS Radar, Health Care Homes, BPAC Clinical Solutions, Strata Health Solutions, Cubiko, Pryzm Health.

Add patients

Add your first patient in Bp Premier!

Add a new patient

Back up Bp Premier

Schedule Bp Premier to back up regularly.

Back up and restore Bp Premier


Last updated 31 January 2022