BPAC Clinical Solutions

Bp Premier has integrated with BPAC Clinical Solutions’ SeNT (Secure Electronic Network Transfer) service and offers access to BPAC’s decision support platform from the patient record. Patient data is passed from Bp Premier through SeNT to forms online, and data recorded in the forms is passed back to Bp Premier when the form is saved.

For more information on BPAC Clinical Solutions, see their website https://www.bpacsolutions.com.au/.

Set up the SeNT service

Contact BPAC for assistance with registration and installation of the SeNT service on the Bp Premier provider workstations that will require access. Contact details are supplied at the website above.

No configuration is required in Bp Premier.

Open a decision support module

After you have set up SeNT on the Bp Premier machine, you can open the SeNT application from the patient record. Select OpenLaunch SeNT or click the SeNT icon SeNT iconon the right side of the toolbar: 

SeNT in patient record toolbar

The BPAC application will open outside of Bp Premier.

Smart Referral Attachments

While PDF is the preferred document type for attaching to BPAC Smart Referrals, the following document types can also be attached:

  • txt
  • docx
  • rtf
  • png
  • dcm
  • jpg
  • dicome
  • jpeg
  • tif
  • gif
  • tiff.

These files types can be attached to BPAC Smart Referrals from Bp Premier, or from a computer.

Last updated 08 September 2021