Search for immunisations

This database search provides an example of searching for patients who received an immunisation during a set time period. This example uses database from the samples database supplied with any Bp Premier installation.

  1. Select Utilities > Search from the main menu to view the Database Search screen.
  2. Click Immunisations. The Search for immunisations screen will appear.
  3. Search for immunisations

  4. From the Vaccine list, select the vaccine to search for. This example searches for 'All vaccines'.
  5. From the Given by drop-down, select the provider who administered the vaccination to search for. This examples searches for 'All doctors'.
  6. Use the From and To date pickers to specify a date range to search between, or leave blank to search all date. This example searches for vaccinations administered between 09/06/2004 and 09/06/2005.
  7. Enter a Batch No., if known, to search for vaccinations by batch number.
  8. Click Add to add the condition to the Condition list.
  9. Click Ok to return to the Database Search screen, and click Run query to see the results.

You can use the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT to create more complex queries. For example, you could use the NOT operator to search for patients who have not received a specific vaccination.

Combine the NOT and AND operators to search for patients who have not received a vaccination in a specified time period. You could also combine a vaccination search with a demographic search, for example, to search for patients under five years old who have not been vaccinated, or patients over 25 years old who have not received a tetanus booster in the last ten years.

Last updated 23 July 2020