Telehealth appointments

Bp Premier offers telehealth consultations from third-party vendors from the Bp Premier appointment book.

NOTE  Your practice must engage with a third-party telehealth services provider before being able to book and open a telehealth consultation from the appointment book. The telehealth services provider will provide your practice with the installation instructions and any necessary software.

How does telehealth from Bp Premier work?

Appointments booked with a provider at your practice through a third-party telehealth vendor will be forwarded to Bp Premier and a corresponding appointment created. The appointment record will contain a link to that vendor's URL for their telehealth or conferencing software.

To start a telehealth appointment booked through a third-party vendor, right-click the link in the appointment book and select Start video. Your default browser will open at the vendor's URL, ready to connect to the patient.

Last updated 23 July 2020