Troubleshoot My Health Record

The following issues may be encountered when setting up and using Medicare HI and My Health Record services within Bp Premier.

If you are experiencing issues with setting up or using My Health Record features, Best Practice Software recommend you contact your Medicare Local, who can assist with the process.

IMPORTANT  When you import the HI and My Health Record certificates, you must log in to the Bp Premier server machine as a Windows administrator, and start Bp Premier by right-clicking on the Bp icon and selecting Run as Administrator.

If you do not know the server's administrator password, contact your IT support so an administrator can correctly import the certificates.



Importing certificates

There was a problem importing the certificate

The current user is logged in to Windows as a user who has limited access permissions.

The certificates were not able to be imported into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder in the certificate store.

Log in as a Windows administrator, right-click on the BP icon and select Run as administrator, and try the import process again.

HI Lookup errors

An error occurred attempting to connect to the HI service. Keyset does not exist.

HI Lookup Keyset does not exist

There is a permission issue on the PC you are using and the certificates were not able to be imported correctly into the certificate store in Windows.

Check whether UAC is turned on for this machine. If so, disable to set to never notify.

On other operating systems, the user could have very restricted permissions. Try adding the user to local administrators list.

To resolve, see Troubleshoot site and NASH certificate issues.

An error occurred attempting to connect to the HI service! No certificate was found with serial number 'nnnnnn'.

This error occurs when you look up a HI and the location certificates that were imported into BP cannot be found in the Windows Certificate store.

To resolve, see Troubleshoot site and NASH certificate issues.

Unable to access My Health Record for this patient: Certificate was not found with criteria 'xxxxxx'.

NASH certificate import error

This error occurs when the NASH certificate that was imported into Bp Premier cannot be found in the Windows Certificate store.

To resolve, follow the instructions under Reimport certificates using the reimport tool on the server in the article Troubleshoot site and NASH certificate issues.

An error occurred attempting to connect to the HI service! The https Request was forbidden with client authentication scheme Anonymous.

This could be one of:

  • Practice has registered with Nehta, and received the HPI-O. However, DHS (Department of Human Services) has not linked the HPI-O correctly to their Location certificates, which are used for the HI lookups.
  • Because this link has not been made at Medicare's end, Bp Premier attempts to authenticate with the certificates imported, but this fails because the practice is not recognised on the HI server.

    Contact DHS or your Medicare Local to rectify.

  • Check that have not accidentally imported the NASH certificates instead of the Site certificates. Run the Delete Certificates utility and run again.
  • The address stored in the HI Service table in the drugs database is not pointing to the correct website address. Contact Best Practice support to obtain the Insert HIService script and run the script on the Bp Premier server.


An error occurred attempting to connect to the HI Service! The https request in unauthorized with client authentication scheme anonymous . The authentication header received from the server was Basic realm= Access Manager for e-business

An error occurred attempting to connect to the HI Service. There was no endpoint listening at that could accept the message.

The Medicare servers are most likely experiencing issues.

If this problem continues, contact Medicare for advice on whether they are experiencing issues and when access will be resumed.

An error occurred attempting to connect to the HI service! Cannot execute a program. The command being executed was c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\csc.exe” /noconfig /full paths @ “c:\users\’username’\appdata\Local\Temp\qvcmaxfk.cmdline”.

There is an issue with a file in the Windows Temp folder.

  1. Browse to the %TEMP% folder and delete the contents.
  2. Perform a HI Lookup in Bp Premier to test that the lookup works.
  3. Open the patient record and try to access the PCEHR.

01439 (INFORMATION) No healthcare individual records have been found

Patient cannot be found by the HI service using the information recorded for the patient.

This would normally happen if you are connecting to the live PCEHR system with a test patient, or the patient details are incorrect.

Edit the patient demographics and confirm that the patient's details are correct.

My Health Record errors

My Health Record menu is not visible in the patient record.

If the My Health Record menu is not available for any users, there is no HI number entered for the Practice. Select Setup > Practice Details > Change to enter HPI-O.

If the menu is only missing for some users, check whether the user has the correct permissions:

  1. Go to Setup > Users > Edit user > Check permissions and set the permissions for My Health Record to 'Allowed'.
  2. Log the user out and back in to Bp Premier.

My Health Record menu is visible but greyed out.

You have not entered the HI number for the provider who is logged in.

Select Setup > Users > Edit and enter HPI-I.

My Health Record can only be accessed for patients who have their Health Identifier entered.

Health Identifier not found

  1. Edit the patient demographics and click Lookup.
  2. Press Save to update the record.

Unable to access a PCEHR for this patient! PCEHR_ERROR_0004 Authorisation denied.

The required paperwork for registration, most likely the participation agreement, has not been submitted and processed by Medicare.

Contact your Medicare Local for assistance.

An error occurred creating the Shared Health Summary!

There are no contact details set up for the practice (no phone, fax, or email address).

Select Setup > Practice Details > Edit and enter some contact details.

Invalid Web Service Message

The date and time of the PC is incorrect and outside the range that the HI service permits.

  1. Select StartControl Panel > Region to check that the region on the server or workstation is set to 'Australia'. The path may be different according to your version of Windows.
  2. Click the Windows clock in the bottom right-hand corner > Change date and time settings and confirm that the time zone and daylight savings setting is set to an Australian time zone and correct for your state.
  3. Ensure that the date and time shown is correct.

Error message: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

The Windows login could be using the American date format mm/dd/yyyy. The HI service expects an Australian date format dd/mm/yyyy.

Past History items could also have an invalid date associated. Untick all past history items and see if the issue reoccurs. If the problem is fixed, tick each past history item one at a time until you identify which item is affected. Edit the past history item and change the date one day forward or backward and see whether this resolves the issue.

  1. Browse to Start > Control Panel > Region.
  2. Change the Date and time formats to Australian formats.
  3. Log out of and back into Bp Premier.
  4. Retest a HI lookup.

Unable to access My Health Record for this patient. Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS with authority

The certificates have not been loaded correctly into the certificate store on the PC.

To resolve, see Troubleshoot site and NASH certificate issues.

No PCEHR exists for this patient. PCEHR_ERROR_5101 eHealth Record not found

Patient has a HI entered but has not registered for a National eHealth Record.

Refer the patient to the National eHealth website:

See also Assist a patient with My Health Record registration.

Shared Health Summary Popup

Check that the practice network and the PC is connected to the internet.

Enter the access code for the PCEHR.

PCEHR Enter Access Code

Patients can indicate when registering for a National eHealth Record if they want to restrict access to My Health records, and allocate a password that can be given to medical professionals.

An emergency access override exists for emergency situations. The emergency access remains set for 5 days, is recorded in the My Health Record logs, and the patient may be notified of this access.

Unable to access My Health record for this patient. PCEHR_ERROR_0005 - Back end system temporarily unavailable.

This error is due to a temporary Services Australia outage.