Approving third-party integration

Bp Premier allows third-party integrations with the Bp Premier database. Integration examples include appointment booking software, video conferencing and referral creation. See the Best Practice partner page for approved Bp Premier integrators and the services they provide.

To allow a third-party to integrate with your database, you must:

  1. Follow the setup information provided by the integrator.
  2. Approve a third-party integration in Bp Premier configuration.

Approve a third-party integration

  1. Open Bp Premier.
  2. From the main screen navigate to SetupConfiguration. The Configuration window appears.
  3. Click Database from the left hand menu and then the Setup third-party integrations button. The Setup third-party integrations window appears.
  4. Use the Search for text box to find the third-party provider.
  5. Check the box next to the third-party provider.
  6. Approve a third-party integration.

  7. Click Save. The Setup third party integrations window closes.

Last updated 23 July 2020