Print graphs from observations

A provider can view and print graphs of observation values from the patient record. You can also graph atomised values from investigation reports, if the report data can be converted into a graph.

Print a graph of observation data

  1. Open the patient record.
  2. Selection Observations from the left hand tree.
  3. Click the Graph button above the table of observation data. The Observations screen will appear.
  4. Select the value from the left hand side that you want to observe. For example, a patient's change in height or weight over time.
  5. Observation graph

  6. To print the graph, select FilePrint or click the printer icon in the toolbar . By default, the graph printout will be sent to the printer configured for 'White paper (except letters)' in your printer settings.

Print a graph from an investigation report

  1. Open the patient record.
  2. Select Investigation reports from the left hand tree.
  3. Click Atomised values. The Atomised result values screen will appear.
  4. Click the graph icon in the toolbar, or select ViewGraph to view a graph of the report data.

NOTE  Percentile charts can be used to chart the growth of patients aged 0 - 20 against typical growth for their age. See Available clinical functions for more information.

Last updated 23 July 2020