Switching to new reports FAQ

This article provides a list of questions asked by Bp Premier users during the recent Old Reports vs New Reports BeInTheKnow information class, with answers.

For more information on switching from old to new reports, including guidance on which new report to use for common old reports, review Switching from old to new reports.

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When are these new reports available and when will the old reports be removed from Bp?

The new reports have been available since the Lava upgrade, so you can begin using them from now. You can still use the old reports until they are removed from the system in the September 2020 drug database update.

I can’t seem to find a particular new report that you’ve demonstrated. How do I go about getting this report into my system?

New reports (and updates to existing reports) are included in our monthly Drug Database Updates. Email notifications are sent to practices once they’re available to download from our website. By default, all new reports will not be allocated to users, so you need to perform the following steps:

  1. From the main screen, navigate to Setup > Users.
  2. Select the user you wish to allocate new reports.
  3. Click the Set Reports button in their user window.
  4. Tick the checkbox next to each report you wish to allocate to the user, ensuring you also set the ‘Practitioner Access’ and ‘Locations’ on the right side of the window.

Which is the best report to use if we pay our providers based on the services they have performed?

The best report to pay providers based on services performed is ‘Services by Account Type – (grouped by service created)’.

This will give you an account of all of the services that have been added to an invoice within your date range, regardless of their payment status.

Which is the best report to use if we pay our providers on payments received?

The best report to pay providers based on payments received is ‘Payments by Account Type (grouped by payment created date) – including related services’.

This will give you an account of all payments that have been received, and the services associated with them within the data range.

Remember that when you pay providers based on either Services or Payments, the report description on the right-hand side will warn you if that report shouldn’t be used to pay providers!

Now that we’re using the payment or service ‘created date’, how do adjustments get accounted for?

If you make an adjustment in the current period, for a service or payment in an earlier period, the difference (either positive or negative) will appear in this period’s report.

All adjustments are calculated correctly (assuming you use the correct report) so there’s no need to print a ‘Written Off’, ‘Cancelled Invoices’, or ‘Reversed Payments’ report any more.

If I pay my providers based on payments received, can I use the Transaction report (grouped by payment created date)? Will this report give the same outcome as Payments by Account Type (grouped by payment created date)?

Yes, as long as you are selecting ‘Transaction report (grouped by payment created date)’.

These figures will be the same as the ‘Payment by Account Type (grouped by payment created date)’ on the right half of the report, and will also display information from the services performed (regardless of their payment status) on the left half of the report.

What report should reception staff use to balance payments at the end of the day?

Reception staff should use the ‘Daily Takings Report’ to balance cash, cheques, and EFT at the end of the day.

This report lists all the different payment types so you can print this report and use it as a reference when counting your cash and performing EFT settlements.

What new report do I use if I want to report on item numbers by doctor, by date recorded?

You have the option of running either the ‘Payments by Account Type (grouped by item) including related services’ or the ‘Services by Account Type (grouped by service created and item)’, depending on whether you want to report on payments or services.

Remember that you can change the default report grouping in the Configuration tab to be either Location, User, or User (Location).

What new report do I use if I want to report on specific item numbers?

If you want to report on any specific item numbers that have been invoiced to patients, use the ‘Services by Account Type (group by service created and item)’ report.

When setting your report parameters, click on the Billing tab, and then choose to report on only the specific items you wish to include in your report.

Is there a new report which displays all the unpaid accounts grouped by provider?

Yes, the ‘Debtors (grouped by provider) - aged by Invoice Date’ report will display your entire list of debtors grouped by provider.

This is a standard aged debtors report which lists all services owing into current, 31-60, 60-90, and 90+ days columns with a separate GST column.

What’s the best new report to use if you want to see payments that have been banked into your bank account?

To display a list of all the banking reconciliations you’ve performed in the system, use ‘Banking (grouped by bank account) using payment created date’.

This should match up with your bank statements, assuming you physically took the cash and cheques to the bank on the same day you reconciled your banking in Bp (through Management > Banking).

Can we adjust the viewing options of the new financial reports so that each row is automatically expanded?

Yes, you can.

After selecting a report to view and setting your report parameters, navigate to the Billing tab and in the ‘Expand all’ section, you have the option to expand all Invoice Rows and Service Rows.

Is there a way to only show active providers in the report so I don't have to manually tick the Exclude all Inactive Users checkbox every time in the configuration tab?

The system will remember the parameters you’ve selected in the Configuration tab of the Select Parameters window. Once you’ve set these parameters once, you won’t need to change them again.

Can I export these new reports to Microsoft Excel to send to my bookkeeper?


After you've viewed the report, there is an Export button which resembles a floppy disk. If you click this icon, you will have the option to export your report in PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel formats.

How do I access the release notes for each monthly Drug Database Update?

From anywhere in Bp Premier, navigate to Help > Online to access our Knowledge Base. From the Knowledge Base, click on the Get Started icon, open the What’s New? tab, and select the Data Update Release Notes article.

When I view these new reports, the default date range is from 2017. Will the new reports remember the new dates I enter?

When you start using new reports for the first time, the date range will default to the date you upgraded to Bp Lava.

After you've entered a new date range and saved, the system will remember this selection for all future reports.

How can I find the total number of patients in my database?

You can find this by performing a database search.

Navigate to Utilities > Search from the main screen. The default query loaded in this screen will tell you the total number of active patients within your database, so click the Run Query button to see this total. You can also choose to include Inactive and Deceased patients by ticking the checkbox before running the query.

Last updated 28 October 2020