Create the user record

Before adding a new provider, ensure your copy of Bp Premier is licenced for an extra provider.

Select Setup > Users to view the number of providers that can be added in your copy of Bp Premier

Contact Sales on 1300 40 1111 if the number of providers at the practice will exceed the licence if an extra provider is added.

Add a provider

  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, select SetupUsers from the menu or press Shift+F4. The Users screen will appear.
  2. Click Add. The New user screen will appear.
  3. The fields on the left hand side capture contact and personal information. If you are adding a user who is not a provider, complete the left side of the screen only. If you are adding a provider, complete both sides of the screen.

User categories

The type of user is determined by the selected Category in the New user screen, for example, doctor, receptionist, practice manager, or an allied health role like a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

The category a user is assigned to will affect the user's default permissions.

New user categories cannot be added manually.

NOTE  As of Saffron SP3, the user categories Contract Doctor and Registrar an be selected from the Category: drop-down menu.

ABN and Business name

An individual ABN and Business name can be set for a provider if required.

If these details are set, any accounts invoiced for the provider will display the provider's individual ABN and business name on invoices and receipts, rather than the location or practice ABN and business name.


As of Saffron SP2, the Force password change on next login checkbox has been added to the New user and User details screens, and is ticked by default in the New user screen. When Force password change on next login is ticked, the user will be required to change their password when they next log into Bp Premier.

Once all required details have been added to the New user screen:

  1. Ensure Force password change on next login is ticked and click Save. The password screen will appear.
  2. Enter a dummy password and click Save.
  3. Provide the new user with the dummy password.

When the new user logs into Bp Premier for the first time they will be required to enter the dummy password, then set a new password.

NOTE  Depending your practice's password security settings, the password may need to meet certain criteria. See Manage password and access security for more information.

If you have not yet upgraded to Saffron SP2, the new staff member will need to be present when you add them to the system in order to enter their password.

Prescriber personal details and electronic prescribing

Details entered into the Bp Premier user setup (Setup > Users > Edit) can be used on documents produced by the software (such as invoices and electronic prescriptions), and therefore users should refrain from entering personal contact information in user setup. Contact details in the Edit User Details window should always be specific where possible to the provider’s practice location.

While this has always been how the software has functioned, this is now particularly important for Practices using electronic prescribing. If the Mobile Number field is populated, a prescriber's personal mobile number could potentially be seen by a third party that has obtained access to the electronic prescription token.

There are also some smart forms that the information will end up on, but this is likely to be less of a problem, as the user reviews the form before it’s sent.

Add provider details

  1. Fields on the right hand side of the New User screen are enabled if you select a Category that is a health service provider, to record applicable provider and prescriber numbers and indicate the user is bookable in the appointment book.
  2. New User



    Usual location

    Practice location that the provider normally attends. Bp Premier will default this value, but you can change it. See Add additional locations for more information

    Provider No.

    Provider's Medicare provider number for this location. This field is mandatory for providers.

    Providers who work at more than one practice location must supply a provider number for each location.

    Prescriber No.

    Provider's prescriber number. This field is mandatory for providers.

    Registration No.

    Provider's AHPRA registration number. Medical practitioners will need to provide this as part of real-time prescribing.

    Health Identifier

    Provider's HPI-I number for My Health Record. This field is mandatory for providers who will be uploading data to a patient's My Health Record.

    Bp Premier will validate the number entered in this field when a user clicks the Validate or Save buttons. If your practice has configured My Health Record, the number entered here must be valid to save the record. If you have not set up My Health Record, you can leave this field blank until MHR is set up.

    CPD No.

    Provider's RACGP Continuous Professional Development number.

    Full time / Part time / Locum

    Select which applies to the provider. Does not apply to non-doctor categories.

    NOTE  Bp Premier licences are based on the number of full time and part time providers at your practice. You will not be able to add more providers than your licence allows. If you need to increase the number of providers past your licence limit, email

    Best Practice Software issues two free locum licences to each practice, regardless of the number of users set up in Bp Premier.

    Vocationally registered

    Enabled for doctors.

    Select this checkbox to use Vocationally Registered Medicare item numbers as defaults on accounts for this provider. If unticked, a warning will be displayed when attempting to save or print accounts containing VR item numbers.


    Enabled for doctors.

    Select this checkbox to use 115% of the Medicare fee as the default fee and automatically add OMT98 and OMT99 as items to accounts for DVA patients.

    Has appointments

    Tick this checkbox for users like doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals.

    The user can be selected in the appointment book and have appointments booked in their name.

    Has accounts

    Tick this checkbox for users like doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals.

    The user can be selected in Accounts screens and have accounts generated in their name. Ticking this checkbox enables some of the fields below.

    Send appointment notices via App

    Visible only if you onboard for the Best Health App. It is enabled if the user Has Appointments. Check to send appointment notices to the patient via the Best Health App if an appointment is edited or moved.

    ABN No.

    If the provider has their own Australian Business Number, add it here.

    Business name:

    If the provider has an individual business name, add it here.

    Requires a referral for Medicare billing

    Indicates that a referral is required for this patient in the patient record before this doctor can be billed for the account.

    For example, a specialist who visits your practice and is a Bp Premier user might require a referral from a GP for consultations.

    Default account type

    Account type to default to when generating accounts for this user.

    Default Item No

    Default item number to add automatically when generating invoices for this user.

    Make notes confidential

    Make all notes made by this provider for any patient confidential. No other Bp Premier users will be able to view the patient's record.

    In an emergency, confidential patient records can be accessed using the Emergency Patient Access tool available from the Database tab of the Configuration screen. See Understanding confidentiality and patient notes for more information.

    HeSA key

    Import a HeSA key certificate for this provider. You will be prompted to browse for the certificate.

  3. Click Save. You will be prompted to enter and confirm an initial password for the user. Depending on your practice's password security settings, the password may need to meet certain criteria. See Manage password and access security for more information.
  4. Bp Premier displays the Inherit sessions window. If your providers do not have individual sessions defined for them, choose Use practice default sessions and 'On the day' appointments and click Save.

    Inherit User Sessions

    If you want to replicate the sessions of another user; select Copy sessions and 'On the day' appointments from another user; choose the appropriate user and dates; click Save. See Set up appointment book sessions and holidays for more information. See Set up appointment book sessions and holidays for more information.

  5. Click Save to save the user record. The user should change his or her password the first time they log in.


Add additional locations

Providers may work at more than one practice location. Each location, and the user’s usual location, must be recorded.

  1. In the New User screen, click Location manager next to the Provider No. field. The Provider Location Manager screen will appear, listing the locations defined for the practice.
  2. Provider Location Manager

  3. Tick the locations that the user will be attending. Tick User requires provider number if the user is a health service provider who must provide a provider number unique to each location.
  4. Select Set and supply the provider number for each ticked location.
  5. To set the usual location, click the text in a row and tick Usual location.
  6. Click Save and Save again to save the user record.

If you need to add a new practice location, select SetupPractice details.

Set provider permissions

You may wish to consider providing clinical staff with the following permissions, so that providers can access normal clinical functions.


Access level

Patient demographics


Clinical record

Allow access

Clinical notes




Past history






Correspondence out


Investigations reports


Obstetric data


Pap smears


EPC items


Family/Social history


Export clinical data

Allow access

Import clinical data

Allow access

Word Processor

Allow clinical access

Send Bp Comms Messages


See User Permissions for more information.

Modify appointment book sessions

When you create a new provider, you can choose to inherit the default session times, or inherit another provider's roster. You can modify the doctor's appointment book sessions from the values you inherited.

  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, select SetupSessions, or press Shift+F6. The Setup sessions screen will appear.
  2. Select the provider to set up sessions for from the Provider dropdown. A provider must have the Has appointments box checked in the Setup > Users screen to be listed in this dropdown.
  3. Select the Standard sessions radio button.
  4. Click Add to add a new session, or select a default session and click Edit. The Session details screen appears.
  5. Select a Day of week to set default session times for, or select 'Monday to Friday' to set a session time for the five weekdays at once.
  6. Select a time of first appointment and time of last appointment to set the session times.
  7. Select a colour for the session to be displayed in the appointment book.
  8. Set an appointment length if different from the default. For example, a doctor may set aside one afternoon a week to perform excisions, which require a 30 minute time slot.
  9. If necessary, select a Start date and End date for the session time.
  10. Start and end dates determine when the session will show in the appointment book. For example, you could start a new doctor a month from now, without any risk that the doctor will get booked prior to the start date. Dates also prevent appointments being booked for a doctor after the date that they leave the practice.

  11. Set the Location that the session is for.
  12. Use This session is week to set recurring sessions over a roster cycle, and set the cycle start date.
  13. For example, if a provider is on the second week of a four-week roster that runs Monday to Sunday:

    • Enter This session is week 2 in a 4 week cycle
    • Set a cycle start date to the date of Monday before last.
  14. Click Save to return to the Setup sessions screen.
See Set up appointment book sessions and holidays for more information.

Set provider preferences

Providers can tailor workflow preferences for letters, prescribing, clinical, pathology and imaging labs and form layouts, as well as general aspects of Bp Premier

NOTE  To edit their own preferences, users require the user permission Own Preferences set to 'Add/Edit/Delete'. Otherwise an administrator user will need to update a doctor's preferences.

See Setting user preferences for more information.

Set up prescribing

In order to use features such as electronic prescribing and real time prescription monitoring, a provider must register with a Prescription Exchange Service and indicate the registration in Bp Premier. Currently the available options for Prescription Exchange Services are eRx and Medisecure.

If a prescriber wishes to use electronic prescribing, certain fields in User Details are mandatory and must be completed. See Set up electronic prescribing for more information.

See the below articles for information on how to set up and register a doctor in Bp Premier for a Prescription Exchange Service:

Set up notes autofill, templates, and printing

Bp Premier features an autofill function so doctors can create shortcuts for common text in patient notes. Autofill text can be private per doctor or shared with all doctors.

You can also import and create templates, such as referrals and patient letters.


Depending on how your practice operates, you may also need to organise the following: