Import and export contacts

You can import and export contact records between Bp Premier installations.

Can I import contacts from a different version of Bp Premier?

Best Practice Software do not recommend importing contacts from a more recent version of Bp Premier into an older version of Bp Premier, for example, importing contacts from Bp Premier version Saffron into version Indigo. More recent versions of Bp Premier may include additional database fields in contact records that will not import into an earlier version's database. Importing future-version contacts may fail.

If you import contacts from an earlier version of Bp Premier (such as importing contacts from Jade into Saffron), any new database fields that have been added since the earlier version will appear blank after the import. If you have trouble importing contacts from an earlier version, you may need to recreate the contact rather than importing.

Export contacts

  1. From the main menu, select ViewContacts. The Contacts screen will appear.
  2. Select FileExport all contacts.
  3. Browse to the folder where you want to save the export file.
  4. NOTE  Do Not change the file name.

  5. Click Save to export the contacts to the specified folder. Two files will be exported:
    • BPS Contact details <DateTimestamp>.xml
    • BPS Contacts <DateTimestamp>.xml

Import contacts

  1. Click on the Windows flag icon in the bottom right, select the down arrow to view apps, and click on BP Utilities under Best Practice Software.
  2. Select your Bp Premier username, type in your password and click Login. The Bp Premier Utilities screen will appear.
  3. Double-click the Import Contacts icon. The Import Contacts window will appear.
  4. Click Load File and browse to the folder containing both contact export files:
    • BPS Contacts <DateTimestamp>.xml
    • BPS Contact details <DateTimestamp>.xml.
  5. Select either contact export file and click Open. The list of exported contacts will appear in the Import Contacts screen.
  6. Tick the contacts you want to import, or click Select All.
  7. Click Import to import the selected contacts.

NOTE  If the BPS Contact details <DateTimestamp>.xml file is missing / excluded, the contact address details will not import e.g. Address, City, Postcode etc.

Last updated 27 January 2021