Administrative reports provide information on other components of the software not related to services, banking, or transactions.

Access administrative reports

To access reports, you must have the Reports permission set to Allow access, and you must have reports set up via Setup > Users > Edit > Set Reports. See Set up users to run reports for more information.

  1. From the Bp Premier home screen, select ManagementReports. The Bp Premier Reports screen will appear.
  2. Select the report you wish to view from the Available reports list. Depending on the report, the Choose the Report Parameters screen may appear.
  3. If the Choose the report Parameters screen appears, select your required report parameters from the Date, locations and Providers, Billing, Banking and Configuration tabs, and click View Report.

Customised Practice Fees

This report lists all customised fees. Each custom item is grouped under MBS or Non-MBS and displayed with the fee for each schedule. The printable area of the report limits the amount of schedules that can be displayed to 14. If there is more than 14 schedules the report can be exported to Excel.

Custom Practice Fees Report

SMS Reminder Status

This report displays the number of SMS appointment reminders sent, and the number of replies received, within a specified date range. The information is displayed by location, date sent, and provider associated with the appointment.

SMS Reminder Report

Days away by provider

This report shows the dates that a provider has been away from the practice. The report also shows the dates that the practice has been closed.

Days away report

Last updated 04 April 2022