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Set Bp Comms Consent for patients

Record patient consent and enrol in Bp Comms

  1. Search for the patient using any of the patient search methods: File > Open Patient, View > Patient, or press F2.
  2. Click View details to open the Patient details screen.
  3. If the patient does not have a Mobile Phone number recorded, you must record a valid number before you can click Bp Comms Consent. Mobile numbers should start with a 0 and not include the country code prefix.
  4. BpComms Mobile Number

  5. Click Bp Comms Consent on the right-hand side of the screen.
  6. BpComms Consent Button

  7. The Bp Comms Consent window will appear.
  8. Set consent

    Bp Comms Consent Screen

  9. Under Consent Options, tick the Bp Comms message types that the patient consents to receive. Ticking a message type will enable other buttons in this window.
  10. If you need to store a signed consent form for the patient, click Open Bulk Document Import to scan and import the signed consent form into Bp Premier.
  11. NOTE  A user will need permission to access the Bulk Document Import tool. See Import bulk clinical documents for more information.

  12. Click Link to signed consent. The Select signed consent window will appear.
  13. Select Signed Consent screen

  14. Tick the form you want to link to as the most recent and correct consent and click Select to return to the Bp Comms Consent window.

Enrol in SMS

  1. Under Consent Status, you can change the Mobile Phone number.
  2. The number must be in the Australian format of ‘0400 000 000’ (with or without spaces). The number must not have a ‘+’ or ‘61’ prefix. Incorrectly formatted numbers will be rejected by the message provider service and will not be delivered.

  3. Click Enable to verify the patient's mobile number. The action required by the patient will depend on your Consent/Enrolment settings in SetupConfiguration
    • If Send patient SMS when enabling and Mobile number verification is required are both unticked, the patient receives no enrolment message, no patient action is required, and SMS enrolment is complete.
    • If Send patient SMS when enabling is ticked, the patient will receive an enrolment SMS message but no further action is required. SMS enrolment is complete.
    • If Mobile number verification is required is ticked, the Verification Required window will appear, summarising the patient's Bp Comms consent. Click Send to send a validation code to the patient's mobile phone, and enter the code into the box that appears. Bp Premier will validate the code and SMS enrolment is complete.
    • NOTE  Best Practice Software recommend mobile number verification to ensure that the intended patient receives messages from your practice.

      Enrolment Verification Code

  4. Click Save.

Enrol in Best Health App

  1. Open the Bp Comms Consent window via patient demographics > Bp Comms Consent
  2. In the Best Health App drop-down list, select the location where the patient is enrolling. Click the Enrol button. The Enrol button becomes active when at least one Consent Option is chosen.

    If the patient attends more than one of your locations and you want to enable them to use the Best Health App at those locations, you must enrol them using the above procedure but change the location selected in the Best Health App drop-down list.

    Inside the Best Health App, the patient can filter messages, health summaries and other information by the location it was received.

    Bp Comms Consent

  3. A confirmation message displaying the chosen consent options is shown. Ensure the correct options are selected and click Send.
  4. Confirm Best Health App Enrolment

  5. The Best Health App status in the patient demographics window displays 'Pending' after the invitation is sent.

    Best Health App Patient Enrolment Status

  6. The patient will receive an invitation to use the app including a link to download it from the appropriate store. Once downloaded they create their account, using the same mobile number as is recorded in Bp Premier. There will be a new Invitation to enrol message in their App Inbox which needs to be accepted.

  7. When the patient has accepted the invitation to enrol, the status will change to 'Enrolled'. The change of state from 'Pending' to 'Enrolled' may take a few minutes to appear after the patient has accepted the invitation.

    Best Health App Patient Enrolment Status

Opt out of electronic communication

If a patient objects to receive any form of electronic messages via SMS or the Best Health App, check the This patient has chosen to opt out of receiving electronic messages checkbox. Checking this box disables all consent and enrolment controls on the Bp Comms Consent window. The SMS and Best Health App consent text changes to Opted Out. Use the opt out checkbox to ensure that the patient is not asked if they want to enrol for electronic communications.

Opt out of Bp Comms Communication