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SafeScript (Victoria)

SafeScript is a clinical tool available to Victorian practices running Bp Premier to help doctors and pharmacists make safer decisions when prescribing certain high-risk medicines.

Only some Prescription Exchange Services can be used with Real-Time Prescription Monitoring databases such as SafeScript. See Practices with multiple Prescription Exchange Services for more information.

Where can I find more information?

For more information about SafeScript, review the information on the Victoria State Government's public health information page for SafeScript.

Before you begin

Before a provider can enable SafeScript in their Bp Premier user preferences:

  • Your practice must use eRx or MediSecure as your prescription exchange service
  • Your practice must have at least one location in Victoria defined in Setup > Practice Details.

Bp Premier will check SafeScript when monitored drugs are prescribed if:

  • The logged-in provider has been set up for eRx or MediSecure.
  • The provider has selected a practice location in Victoria when logging in to Bp Premier
  • The current patient has a DOB and Sex recorded in demographics.

SafeScript login

Enable SafeScript

  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, select Setup> Preferences (or press Shift + F5). Select the Prescribing tab.
  2. Tick Enable SafeScript.
  3. Enable SafeScript

  4. Click Save & Close.

SafeScript will now be enabled when you prescribe or represcribe monitored drugs.

Prescribe with SafeScript

After you enable SafeScript for a prescriber, you do not need to do anything else. When a drug listed as monitored is prescribed from the patient record, or the prescription quantity for a monitored drug is changed, Bp Premier will automatically connect to the SafeScript database at the end of the New Rx wizard, perform checks, and indicate the results with a visual indicator.

For example, the following 'Green' result from SafeScript indicates that the current patient has no recent scripts for the monitored drug.

Safe Script example

SafeScript will return a Green, Amber, or Red message based on the patient's prescription history. The provider can choose to proceed or cancel based on the information supplied.


If Bp Premier cannot connect to SafeScript, a 'SafeScript is unavailable' message will be displayed. Check your internet connection, and contact SafeScript if internet is available but you are unable to connect.

safe script