SafeScript (Victoria)

SafeScript is a clinical tool available to Victorian practices running Bp Premier to help doctors and pharmacists make safer decisions when prescribing certain high-risk medicines.

Where can I find more information?

For more information about SafeScript, review the information on the Victoria State Government's public health information page for SafeScript.

Before you begin

Before a provider can enable SafeScript in their Bp Premier user preferences:

  • Your practice must use eRx or MediSecure as your electronic prescription service
  • Your practice must have at least one location in Victoria defined in Setup > Practice Details.

Bp Premier will check SafeScript when monitored drugs are prescribed if:

  • The logged-in provider has been set up for eRx or MediSecure.
  • The provider has selected a practice location in Victoria when logging in to Bp Premier
  • The current patient has a DOB and Sex recorded in demographics.

SafeScript login

Enable SafeScript

  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, select Setup> Preferences (or press Shift + F5). Select the Prescribing tab.
  2. Tick Enable SafeScript.
  3. Enable SafeScript

  4. Click Save & Close.

SafeScript will now be enabled when you prescribe or represcribe monitored drugs.

Prescribe with SafeScript

After you enable SafeScript for a prescriber, you do not need to do anything else. When a drug listed as monitored is prescribed from the patient record, or the prescription quantity for a monitored drug is changed, Bp Premier will automatically connect to the SafeScript database at the end of the New Rx wizard, perform checks, and indicate the results with a visual indicator.

For example, the following 'Green' result from SafeScript indicates that the current patient has no recent scripts for the monitored drug.

Safe Script example

SafeScript will return a Green, Amber, or Red message based on the patient's prescription history. The provider can choose to proceed or cancel based on the information supplied.

What if I use both MediSecure and eRx?

Bp Premier will check to ensure that providers with SafeScript enabled are only configured for one of MediSecure or eRx ePrescribing software.

Provider configured for both before the upgrade

If a provider has been configured for both eRx and Medisecure (by running both the eRx Setup and MediSecure Setup Bp Premier utilities), when that provider first logs in to Bp Premier after you upgrade to SP1, Bp Premier will prompt the user to select which ePrescription service they want to use.

Select ePrescription service on login

The choice not selected will be disabled. To re-enable a vendor:

  1. Run the setup utility for the current vendor and disable the provider.
  2. Run the setup utility for the alternate vendor and enable the provider.

Provider attempts configuration for both after the upgrade

After you upgrade, if a provider is configured for one vendor and a user attempts to configure the provider for the alternate vendor, Bp Premier will confirm that the original vendor should be disabled.

Disable alternate ePrescribing vendor


If Bp Premier cannot connect to SafeScript, a 'SafeScript is unavailable' message will be displayed. Check your internet connection, and contact SafeScript if internet is available but you are unable to connect.

safe script