Follow up eReferrals

Bp Premier keeps a log of all eReferrals sent to contacts from the word processor. If the messaging provider supports acknowledgements, and you have set up acknowledgements in Bp Premier, logs will also show this information.

For Argus users, when you first open the eReferral followup, Bp Premier will connect to Argus to get the updated status of sent eReferrals.

  1. Select View > eReferrals. The eReferral Followup screen will appear.
  2. eReferral Followup

    By default, the screen shows referrals sent in the last week that have not been acknowledged.

  3. Use the filters are provided to widen or narrow the referrals listed:
    • Start date — displays referrals sent from this date until today's date
    • Messaging provider — displays acknowledgements by messaging service, or all messaging providers set up within Bp Premier
    • Status — displays 'Acknowledged' or 'Unacknowledged'
    • Hide positive acknowledgments — if unticked, acknowledged eReferrals will be displayed.

    The Status column shows the follow-up state of eReferral acknowledgements:

    • Unacknowledged — messages have not been acknowledged as being received by the recipient
    • Acknowledged — the recipient has received the document successfully and it was acknowledged by the recipient’s messaging system
    • Error-Acknowledged — the message was delivered but it had errors and a negative acknowledge has been returned by the recipient's messaging system
    • Undelivered — there was an error sending the eReferral via Argus
    • Delivered — the eReferral has been sent correctly via Argus, but has not been acknowledged by the recipient’s messaging system.
  4. Select a patient and select File > Open patient details to open the patient demographics for the patient.