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The clinical reports provide information on My Health Record upload statistics and other provider-related functions.

Health Summary Upload Count reports include only uploads in which the visit was saved. If a Bp Premier user has uploaded a Shared Health Summary and closed the record without saving the visit, the upload will not be counted.

Shared Health Summary Upload Count - by patient

This report includes the count of times Shared Health Summaries have been uploaded and the number of patients who have had a Shared Health Summary uploaded. The details of each patient and the provider who performed the upload are included.

Shared Health Summary Upload Count - by provider

This report is similar to the Shared Health Summary Upload Count - by patient report but groups by provider first making it easier to find how many times a provider has uploaded Shared Health Summaries.

Total vaccines provided

This report supplies totals of vaccines administered by a practice during the selected period, broken down by vaccine, batch number, and provider. Practices can use this report to monitor vaccine stock levels at regular intervals.

Total Vaccines Provided report

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