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Precedence Health Care's MediTracker app provides your patients with view-only access to their summary medical health record held at your practice, for after-hours, travel, and emergencies. MediTracker is endorsed by the RACGP for supporting quality improvement in general practice as part of the Inca (formerly cdmNet) suite of healthcare solutions.

You can choose to install the MediTracker connector during a program or data update. After the connector is installed, patient records updated in Bp Premier will be available to patients who have installed MediTracker on their device, and requested access to their patient record through their MediTracker account.

MediTracker is free for general practice or allied health, but patients will need to pay a subscription fee to access their medical record.

More information on MediTracker is available:

Install the connector

If your practice wishes to enable patient access to their record through MediTracker, you only need to install the MediTracker connector on the Bp Premier server. You can install the connector in two ways:

  • as part of a Bp Premier data update
  • standalone.

Install the connector through a data update

The February 2017 Comprehensive data update (filename BPS_Data_170201_compRev1.exe), or any later update, can install the MediTracker connector. If you have already run the latest data update at your site, just rerun the update and select to install MediTracker. See Update the drug database for more information.

  1. Navigate to where you saved the file and double-click the filename. The data update utility will begin.
  2. Proceed through the data update until you reach the MediTracker Installer screen.
  3. Data Update MediTracker screen

  4. Tick MediTracker Installer and click Finish to install the MediTracker connector. The Precedence Connector for MediTracker screen appears after the connector is installed.
  5. MediTracker enable

  6. Click Enable to indicate that your practice consents to allow MediTracker. The installer will finish.

Install the connector by itself

If you elected not to install MediTracker in a data update, you can install the connector from MediTracker at any time.

  1. Log in to Windows on the Bp Premier server.
  2. Open your internet browser and browse to https://meditracker.com.au/gps/.
  3. Review the System Requirements.
  4. If your Windows and Bp Premier versions meet the system requirements, click Get MediTracker Connector. The file PrecedenceConnectorMediTrackerInstaller.exe will be downloaded to your browser's Downloads folder.
  5. Double-click the file you downloaded in step 4 to begin installing the connector. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

NOTE  Best Practice Software Support cannot provide assistance on setting up the Precedence Connector for MediTracker. If you need assistance, refer to MediTracker Support at https://meditracker.com.au/gps-support/.

No further configuration in Bp Premier is necessary.

Patient consent

Patient consent to upload patient records to MediTracker is not collected or stored anywhere in Bp Premier. All consent to store patient data on Precedence Health Care's cdmNet platform is obtained and recorded when the patient installs and registers the MediTracker app on the patient's device.

Practice consent to using MediTracker is indicated by installing and enabling the MediTracker connector.

Frequently asked questions

Best Practice Software understand that providers and practice staff may have concerns about the sharing of patient data through a third-party platform, and what patients may choose to do with access to their record. The following FAQs aim to provide some clarity.



Can patients update their own medical record?

No. MediTracker extracts a view-only medical summary, in the same way as a My Health Record or a GP would give their patient a printed summary. It does not extract GP notes or any information marked as confidential.

The main purpose of MediTracker is as a convenient means to provide information to other care providers, in emergency or out of hours, or on travel, rather than for the patient’s own use.

Where is the data hosted and who can access this data?

Data is hosted in Australia in an ISO27001:2013 certified facility (the internationally recognised standard for secure storage of electronic data). Only persons or organisations on the patient’s care team, as agreed by the patient and their GP, can access this data. In certain circumstances, Precedence Health Care staff may need to access this data. The only reason allowed for accessing patient data is for technical support or debugging, or to meet Precedence legal obligations, and only when necessary to do so.

At what stage is a patient's medical record uploaded to the MediTracker service?

No records are uploaded when MediTracker is installed at the practice. Medical records are created on patient demand: the patient has to install MediTracker on their device and request their record through MediTracker.

If the patient doesn’t request their record, the record is not created and no data is uploaded or stored by Precedence Health Care.

Does sharing information to MediTracker breach the Privacy Act or consent?

Patient records with identified information are only created within MediTracker after patient consent has been obtained and recorded. Until the patient has consented to their data being uploaded and the practice has consented to the use of MediTracker, no identified patient data is uploaded from the practice to the MediTracker or cdmNet cloud storage.

If the patient doesn’t request their record, it isn’t created. Precedence Health Care does not hold records for which there is no patient consent.

What policies are in place to protect my patient's data?

MediTracker, as a portal to the cdmNet platform, has privacy and security policies as well as architecture and processes that meet strict security requirements:


Precedence Health Care complies with the Privacy Act and the Medical Records Act. Precedence uses industry best practice for secure record storage, security audits, and disaster recovery, and ISO-standard private cloud storage, access logs, and staff training and support.

Precedence Health Care complies with the following policies and legislation which have been reviewed by the Privacy Commissioner:

  • Health Records Act 2001(Victoria)
  • Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria)
  • My Health Records Act 2012 (Commonwealth)
  • Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010 (Commonwealth)
  • Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth)

Does MediTracker show sensitive pathology results?

MediTracker only displays non-sensitive test results and observations. The test results displayed in MediTracker have been compiled in consultation with GPs.

Measurements are added to MediTracker as they are added to the patient’s file (that is, only after the GP has viewed the results and added them to the patient record).

Only non-sensitive results are displayed. The complete list is:

  • Blood Pressure (mmHg)
  • Hip Circumference (cm)
  • Waist Circumference (cm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Height (cm)
  • *BMI (kg/m²)
  • Serum Creatinine (µmol/L)
  • HbA1c (mmol/mol)
  • Microalbumin (Spot Albumin : Creatinine Ratio) (mg/mmol)
  • Proteinuria (mg/24 hours)
  • Blood Glucose Level (mmol/L)
  • *Estimated GFR (eGFR)
  • HDL (mmol/L)
  • LDL (mmol/L)
  • Total Cholesterol (mmol/L)
  • Triglycerides (mmol/L)
  • *Absolute CVD Risk (%)

Those marked with a * are calculated based on other measurements.

Is providing test results to patients dangerous?

The display of non-sensitive test results is in accordance with current world best practice. There is no evidence that providing the above non-sensitive results to the patient is dangerous. A review of the use by patients of clinical data can be found here:


Again, it is important to note that the main purpose of MediTracker is to make patient information available to other providers, not for patient use.

Can I see what MediTracker looks like?

The MediTracker FAQ page here contains test credentials. Download the app to a device and use the test credentials to sign in and view MediTracker.