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Conversion Checklist

Converting your data from one software package to another can be a daunting process. To facilitate a smooth transition to Bp Premier, the practice should prepare for both the Trial and Live conversions.

The Conversion Checklist below provides a summary of the steps involved when performing a trial and then live conversion. Read this checklist in conjunction with the detailed instructions for your clinical package to gain an overview of the conversion process.

IMPORTANT  To mitigate issues, Best Practice Software insists that all sites perform a trial conversion at least 2 weeks prior to the expected Go Live date.

How to get assistance

Best Practice Software provide a conversion utility free of charge to enable you to convert your data to Bp Premier. The conversion process would be performed by your own staff or your IT technician. General Products Support will provide as much assistance as possible via phone on 1300 40 1111 or email bpconversions@bpsoftware.net.

The Best Practice Forum on our website www.bpsoftware.net is an invaluable source of information, advice, views, ideas, questions and answers from hundreds of Bp Premier users across Australia. Click on Register in the menu at the top to join.

To access the online knowledge base for Bp Premier, select Help > Online from inside the software.

Obtain a trial licence

Contact our relationship support team on 1300 40 1111 for a quote to install Bp Premier. You can obtain a free trial licence to evaluate the software before purchase.

Go to www.bpsoftware.net and select Learning to see the training options available for Bp Premier.

Trial conversion

To run the trial and live conversion, you will need a spare computer referred to as the conversion machine. You cannot use your practice's current live database for a trial or live conversion.

  1. Confirm your server PC and network meet the hardware, hard disk space and operating system requirements.
  2. Contact Best Practice Software support to obtain the required conversion utility, matching Bp Premier version and free trial licence.
  3. Ensure the pre-converted data in the original software database is in good condition.
  4. Back up the original practice management software database.
  5. Install the original practice management software on your conversion machine and restore the backup you just made to this installation.
  6. Install the version of Bp Premier obtained from Best Practice Software on a conversion machine as a Server installation. This computer can be the same machine as in step 5.
  7. Run the conversion utility on the conversion machine and follow the prompts.
  8. Check data in the trial Bp Premier database thoroughly to ensure that all data converted correctly.
  9. IMPORTANT  Best Practice Software recommends that the principal doctors perform a thorough check of as many patient records as possible to ensure that all data is present and accessible. We suggest opening a range of patients in your current application (long term, medium term, and new patients) and comparing the data with this same patient in Bp Premier. We also recommend checking the last patient seen before the conversion to ensure that the most recent data has been converted.

  10. Complete, sign, and fax or email the form BP_FAQ-Trial Conversion completion form to General Products Support on +61 7 4153 2093. Email the file BPSConversion.log to bpconversions@bpsoftware.net. This file can be found in the folder you installed the conversion utility in.
  11. Best Practice Software Support will contact you with your 30 day activation licence key.

Live conversion

Carry out the following steps if you have successfully performed a trial conversion with no issues, and have confirmed the most recent data has been converted.

  1. Ensure you have your invoice and 30 day activation licence key. If you have not received your licence key after submitting your Trial Conversion completion form, contact Best Practice Software support.
  2. Compare the drug database date in Bp Premier (HelpAbout) with the most recent drug database update from www.bpsoftware.net. If your installation does not have the most recent drug database, download and install an incremental or comprehensive update.
  3. On conversion day, perform a complete backup of the old practice management system and database, including any components specific to that software package, such as MD3 ManageEzy documents.
  4. Install the conversion utility on the conversion machine. Run the conversion utility.
  5. Enter the 30 day activation key when prompted. This will convert your trial version of Bp Premier to a licensed version.
  6. Install the latest version of Bp Premier as a server on your live server. This is the server that will be used during daily operation.
  7. Install the latest version of Bp Premier as a client installation on all workstations.
  8. Open Bp Premier on each workstation and connect to the Bp Premier server.

Post-conversion check

  1. Check ALL data carefully to ensure that conversion has been successful. Access the last patient updated in the old system prior to the conversion to ensure the visit record is present.
  2. Set up practice details and ensure that the licence key is for the correct number of users. Ensure that only valid locations are displayed in practice details.
  3. Review user permissions and reset user passwords. Ensure one trusted user has full permissions, and that the password for this user is secured in a fireproof safe for emergency access.
  4. Back up the converted live data from your conversion machine.
  5. Restore the converted data to your live Bp Premier server.
  6. Disable all shortcuts to the old software to ensure staff can’t accidentally use the wrong system.
  7. Have each user log into their Bp Premier workstation and configure their printer settings and preferences.
  8. Undertake training for staff new to Bp Premier.