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Health assessment tool

The EPC health assessment tool is a broad health data collection and analysis tool for evaluating patient health.

Health Assessments are available for patients:

  • over the age of 75 years for general demographic patients
  • 55 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders
  • between the ages of 45 to 49 as an initial assessment.

A progress note is recorded in the patient record when a new health assessment is started and finalised, or an existing assessment is edited. The note includes the type of change and the logged-in user. For example, a practice nurse may initiate a health assessment, but the assessment is later completed and printed by a doctor.

Create a health assessment

NOTE  Bp Premier will display a warning if a Health Assessment is attempted when a Health Assessment has already been completed for that patient within the past year.

  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, press F2 or select FileOpen patient to select a patient and view the patient record.
  2. Expand the Enhanced Primary Care heading in the left hand tree and select Health Assessment.
  3. Click the Add button. The Health Assessment screen appears. The screen will differ slightly according to the age of the patient.
  4. Proceed through the tabbed sections on the left hand side, completing the information relevant for the patient in each screen:
  5. Click the Add button next to the Recommendations list in each tab to add a recommendation. From the Recommendation popup, click Add reminder to open the Reminders screen and add a patient reminder for the recommendation.
  6. Click Save to save the health assessment as a draft.

Saving a draft assessment allows some of the assessment data to be recorded by the practice nurse prior to consultation with the doctor, for example.

Edit a saved health assessment

NOTE  Primary care templates like care plans and health assessments are not finalised until they have been printed and handed to the patient. After a care template is saved and printed, the plan cannot be edited.

After saving, an assessment can be opened again and all data apart from history and examination data will repopulate the assessment. History and examination data is only re-used if it was recorded on the same day.

If the date is less than one month since starting the assessment, the assessment record will open for continuation. If the date is more than one month, Bp Premier will prompt the provider whether to continue the saved assessment or start a new assessment.

Finalise and print

  1. From the patient record, expand the Enhanced Primary Care heading in the left hand tree and select Health Assessment.
  2. Double-click the draft health assessment you want to finalise.
  3. Click Preview to view a print preview of the assessment without printing.
  4. If you are satisfied the assessment is complete, click Print. Bp Premier will print two copies of the assessment.

After printing, the Health Assessment is marked as completed and cannot be edited. A copy of the printed assessment is stored in the database and can be viewed from the patient record.

You can edit the template used when printing out the Health Assessment. See System Templates for more information.