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Send emails from Bp Premier

You can send and receive emails from three areas in Bp Premier:

  • Word processor (send only)
  • Incoming Mail (receive and send from email addresses)
  • Practice Email (receive and send from the practice email address).

You must have configured email for the practice and users who want to send email messages.

Send emails from the word processor

You can only send emails from the word processor, not view incoming emails. If a user's account has been set up with an email address, the e-mail icon at will be enabled on the word processor toolbar.

  1. Open the word processor and create the letter to be emailed, from template or a blank document.
  2. Click at on the toolbar, or select File > Send Mail to display the BP E-mail screen.
  3. BP E-mail

  4. Choose an address for the Send to field:
    • If the template prompted you to select a contact, the contact's email address will be displayed automatically in this field.
    • If you are in a patient record, or the template prompted for a patient's name, tick Use patient e-mail to insert the patient's email address.
    • If the template asked you for an addressee, tick Use addressee email to insert the addressee's email address.
    • Click ... to display the E-mail address screen and search for a contact's or patient's email address.
    • Type in the email address to send to.
  5. Click ... next to the Copies to field to insert contact or patient email addresses to send an electronic copy to.
  6. Enter a Subject for the email. If Bp Premier inserted an email address for you, the name will also appear in the subject.
  7. Tick Attach REF file if available to attach a patient reference file, if applicable.
  8. You should not need to change the Use account setting. This field indicates the mail servers available for the user creating the email.
  9. Click Send to send the letter by email.

If the addressee and logged-in user both have PKI keys present, Bp Premier will encrypt the email. For more information, see Encrypt e-mail messages from Bp Premier.

Manage incoming email

The BP Mail screen manages incoming emails. From this screen you can allocate emails to patients or providers, and save attachments.

BP Mail

There are two paths to the BP Mail screen:

  • If your practice uses a practice email address for all incoming emails, select ViewPractice email. The user will require the Practice email user permission set to 'Allowed'.
  • If your practice allows users to receive emails to their individual email address, select ViewIncoming email. Only emails sent to the user's email address will be displayed.
  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, open the BP Mail screen. By default, the BP Mail screen shows all received emails that have not been allocated.
  2. Use the options at the top of the screen to manage the received emails.
  3. Button


    Create New Email


    Create a new email message

    Reply to Sender


    Reply to the sender of the selected email

    Send / Receive

    send and receive

    Check for new emails

    Delete email

    delete email

    Delete the selected email

    Print email

    Best Practice Premier Print Icon

    Print the selected email

    Allocate to patient

    Allocates the email to the patient within the View > Incoming Email (BP Email) window. This action will not yet save the email to the patient’s record.

    After the email has been assigned to the patient, the user can right-click on the email and either Move to Correspondence in or Move to Inbox to move to the patient record or provider inbox.

    Allocate to user

    Allocates the email to a user within the View > Incoming Email (BP Email) window. This action will not yet save the email to a provider inbox.

    After the email has been allocated, the user can right-click on the email and Move to Inbox to move to the patient record or provider inbox. You can also change who the email is assigned to.

    Show saved

    Tick to show all emails received, including emails saved to a patient record.

    Load document

    If the attachment is a Microsoft Word document, click to display the contents of the attachment in the bottom of the screen.

    View attachment

    Opens the attachment for viewing.

    Save attachment

    Saves the attachment to file, so the file can be imported into a patient record separately.

    To save an email, highlight the email and select File > Save. The email wil be saved into the BP Mail window. For example, an email may not be assigned to a patient or a user, but the user wants the email removed from the incoming list. Users can retrieve the saved incoming email by ticking Show saved.