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Medicare and DVA incentives

Bp Premier will automatically add the Medicare Bulk Bill Incentive or Veterans Access Payment items (10990 or 10991) to a patient account if the following are true:

  • When creating the patient account, the Bill to field is set to ‘Medicare Direct Bill’ or ‘DVA Direct Bill’.
  • The patient is under 16 years old, or holds a pensioner, health care, senior’s, or DVA card.
  • If the patient holds a concession card, the Pension / HCC No, Expiry and Pension card type must be completed on the patient demographic.
  • If the patient has a DVA card, the DVA No, DVA Type and DVA Conditions (if applicable) must be completed on the patient demographic.
  • The account item claimed is eligible for the incentive according to the Medicare Benefits Schedule or DVA Fee Schedules for Medical Services.

The Incentive item number displayed will depend on whether you are in a Non-Rural (10990) or Rural/Remote (10991) area. If the incorrect item number is displayed on your accounts, update the Rural / Non Rural checkbox in the Setup > Practice Details > Edit screen.

You cannot add an incentive item manually. Bp Premier will determine whether the account is eligible for the incentive using the rules provided by Medicare and DVA.

Information on Medicare and DVA schedules

More information on schedules and incentive items can be found on the Australian Government Department of Health and Department of Veterans' Affairs websites: