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COVID-19 patient education materials

Providing COVID-19 related patient education materials can help to remind at risk patients of any precautions they need to take. They can also remind patients who may have contracted COVID-19 of the best course of action to minimise any further infections, and recover smoothly.

COVID-19 patient education materials on Healthshare

COVID-19 related patient education materials are available via Healthshare.

  1. To open Healthshare, choose one of:
    • Click the Fact Sheets button on the patient's clinical record
    • Select View > Fact Sheets from the patient's clinical record
    • Select View > Fact Sheets from the main Bp Premier screen.
  2. Some fact sheets will ask you to accept the terms and conditions before viewing an article. Click I accept to accept the access terms and view the article. Healthshare will not prompt to accept the T&Cs again for the same user for the same article.
  3. The Healthshare Fact Sheets window will appear.

  4. At the top right of the screen, select a radio button to filter the fact sheets shown:
  5. Button



    List the fact sheets suggested by Healthshare relating to the reasons for visit, or Reason for Prescription entered in the patient record.


    Search for fact sheets that are not saved in your favourites list.


    List fact sheets that you have saved as a favourite. If you have a Favorites list, Healthshare will default to this filter.


    List the twenty most recently viewed fact sheets.

  6. To perform a general search for a Healthshare fact sheet, select Search.
  7. Select to search by clinical Category or Product name.
  8. Enter the start of your search term in the Search field. Results will begin appearing in a dropdown menu as soon as a match occurs.
  9. Select the closest match for your search and click the Search button. Healthshare will populate the list with associated fact sheets.
  10. Click the Open option. The fact sheet will open in the workstation's default browser.
  11. Click the Copy Patient Note - Printed button. Paste the copied text in to Today's Notes if required.

Import custom COVID-19 patient education materials

If you have useful COVID-19 related patient education materials that are not currently available through Bp Premier, you can import them via the Patient education material screen for easy access.

You can import the following types of documents into Bp Premier as Patient Education materials:

  • PDF (Adobe PDF document type)
  • DOC and DOCX (Word document)
  • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group image type)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphic image type)
  • TIF (Tagged Image Format File image type).
  1. From the Patient Education materials screen, click File > Import. The Import patient education leaflet screen will appear.
  2. Import Patient Education Leaflet

  3. Search for the document to import.
  4. Select an existing category, or add a new category for the document.
  5. Enter the Leaflet name to appear in the Patient Education Materials screen, otherwise the file name will be used.
  6. Tick Available to all users if all users are to be given access to this document. Otherwise, only the provider who imported the document will be able to view and print the material.

The Department of Health has a number of COVID-19 fact sheets for the general public that you may wish to add to your patient education materials.