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Frequently asked questions about the patient record

How do I access confidential data in an emergency?

Bp Premier provides an emergency access password. Best Practice Software recommend that you:

  • Set the emergency password when you install Bp Premier
  • Provide the emergency password to key senior staff only, such as the practice manager and the principal doctor
  • Store the emergency password in a secure location, such as a practice safe
  • Change the emergency password at regular intervals to maintain security.

IMPORTANT  The emergency password provides 'all or none' access to all confidential patient material. Best Practice Software recommend changing the password regularly.

Can I set defaults for new notes?

You can set the patient record to open by default in Today's Notes from SetupUser preferencesGeneral tab. Many of the default settings for the patient record and Today's notes can be set from the User preferences screen.

The Visit Type, Visit Date, and Visit time fields in Today's notes default to the provider's default visit type and today's date and time, but can be changed in user preferences.

Can I edit notes from a past visit?

Yes, within limits. See Delete or amend past visit notes for more information.

Can I backdate notes?

The Visit Date in Today's notes cannot be set earlier than one month prior to the current date. When you print visit notes from the word processor, the visit date will be printed with the notes as Recorded On.

If you need to indicate that notes were recorded on a date earlier than this (for example, notes were entered into the wrong patient and discovered over a month later), you must add text to this effect with the visit note.