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COVID-19 Calm Efficiencies at your Practice Webinar FAQ

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Last updated: 16 April 2020

The following questions were asked by Bp Premier users during the Be in the Know COVID-19 Calm Efficiencies at your Practice webinar delivered Wednesday 15 April 2020.

COVID-19 and Calm Efficiencies in your Practice | Slides (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

How can I bill the new DVA incentive items MT88 and MT89?

Currently, these new incentive items will need to be manually added to eligible patients’ accounts. If these items are unavailable to you, ensure that you have installed the April 2020 Revision 2 Data Update in your practice (available to download here).

Can GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements be performed and billed via Telehealth?

Yes, these services can be performed and billed to Medicare through telehealth or telephone consultations. Ensure that you use the new Telehealth MBS item numbers where applicable, such as 92024 for preparation of a Management Plan through Telehealth.

Am I able to bill patients privately for Telehealth or Telephone consults, such as patients who are visiting from overseas who do not have a Medicare card?

It is possible to privately bill patients for these consults, regardless of whether they are eligible for Medicare benefits. One key factor for your practice to consider is your practice policy and implementation of informed financial consent for patients who you wish to bill privately, so that they are aware of the fee that you wish to charge in advance of the session.

How can I see how many Telehealth or Telephone appointments that have been completed by my providers?

This information can be accessed through an ‘Appointments’ report. When booking appointments, ensure that you are using appointment types to differentiate these, for example, the Telehealth Appointment and Telephone Appointment types. Then run the ‘Appointments – grouped by type’ report which will display the total count of each appointment type over the specified date range.


Western QLD Primary Health Network has a set of resources for practices that are referenced during the webinar, including:

  • Daily management plan
  • Triage response sheet
  • Practice Preparation Guide and Practice Plan

Click here for the Western QLD PHN resources.