Jade Masterclass Frequently Asked Questions

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The following questions and answers will help Bp Premier users considering upgrading to version Jade.

Last updated: 06 August 2019

Upgrading to Jade

Is there any charge to upgrade from Indigo SP1 to Jade?

As with past upgrades, there is no charge for upgrading from SP1 to Jade. You do not need to upgrade your subscription. The only cost to consider is the charge to purchase credits to use for Bp Comms. This can be purchased or topped up by contacting the Best Practice Sales Team. This is exclusive of any fees your IT provider might charge you for their services.

Will the Knowledge Base show information for Jade?

Once you upgrade to Jade, the Help > Online menu option will also automatically update to the Jade version. The Knowledge Base will still hold information for all versions of Bp Premier for those users who need previous version support.

Bp Comms and SMS

What are the benefits of Bp Comms vs Hotdoc?

Bp Comms is fully integrated into Bp Premier, meaning less moving parts and more reliability. Purchasing Bp Comms credits is very cost-effective starting at just $0.08 per SMS.

Is there an option to send free-text SMS to patients not related to a specific result or message?

There are two parts to this question:

  • Free-text SMS can be set up within any SMS template by ticking the Template text can be edited before sending option in the template definition. However, Best Practice Software recommend exercising caution here and only allowing this option for SMS types that regularly require modification from the established template, such as messages sent from the clinical record.
  • You can send messages that may not relate to a specific result or previous contact from:
    1. the Patient record, via the Bp Comms > Send Patient Message menu option
    2. the Appointment Book, via the Utilities > Send Message menu option

Again, you may want to create a specific SMS template and allow editing.

Does the location update include the ability to add the location address on the SMS appointment reminder?

Yes. If you insert the location field into any template, the field will populate with the current location information.

Contact Notes

Do Contact Notes appear when printing Health Summaries or using Subpoena Tool?

No. The only information you will see when printing a Health Summary or Subpoena Tool extraction is whatever you select when creating the document (e.g. Medications, Adverse reactions, Medical History, Immunisations for Shared Health Summary). Although the Subpoena Tool allows for much more data to be included, such as clinical notes, reminders and actions, the actual Contact Notes record and detail would not be included.

Are the contact notes visible from patient demographics, so that staff with no clinical record access can still see them?

Yes. The Contact Notes button is conveniently located next to the Bp Comms Consent button in the patient demographic.

Are you able to edit the appointment type from the view appointment function?

This is just an appointment summary and cannot be edited.

Follow Up Inbox

When an SMS is sent to a patient from the Follow Up Inbox window, the result is marked as 'notified to patient' and comes off the Follow up Inbox list. Can we turn that off so that the result stays in the list until the doctor marks the result as 'given to patient'?

Whilst you can’t turn off that function when filtering the list by ‘all unactioned’, you can filter by ‘all’ and it will show these items on the list until they are marked as given. This drop-down has to be changed manually and cannot be configured to default to ‘all’ instead of ‘all unactioned’.

Why is filter by status not available until we select a single action in Follow up Inbox?

Currently this is the way the system has been programmed, to allow drilling down once the action filter has been applied. We have passed on the question to our development team for consideration in future versions.


In the referrals section, is there now an option to update any unsuccessfully sent referrals so that staff can see what action has been taken, e.g. sent by fax instead?

Details regarding Correspondence Out are still located solely in the clinical record. Anyone with access would be able to see the status on comments on the referral, but would need clinical access. Alternatively, you could use a contact note to record this, which would then be visible to both clinical and admin teams.

Partner Network

Do we have to be part of Bp Partner Network? If we don’t how does it affect us? If we join is it at cost?

You only need to be a member of the Bp Partner Network if you are a vendor or a practice that extracts from or writes back data to the Bp Premier database outside of normal system functions. If you are not sure if this applies, please review this article or contact our Partnership team on 1300 40 1111. If you are a practice that has created your own integration to our software, you will need to be a member of the partner network. Contact the partnership team if you have any questions or to discuss costings.

Do you have a current list of the approved partners?

We are currently in the process of updating our partners list, which will be available on our website once updated.

Best Health App

When is the BP Health App launching and will a webinar be scheduled for that?

The Best Health App is currently at 'soft launch', or extensive user and practice testing, so sites are using the App in a live environment. Best Practice Software don't have a firm date on this as yet; we'll let everyone know as soon as this is confirmed. We will certainly be covering the extra setup, features and benefits of this with you all via a Masterclass session.